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  1. As an extra/bonus footage would it be possible to release Tim's unedited pitch to the team that was (all too) briefly seen in Episode 3? I would LOVE to see that.
  2. Definitely this. Broken Age is one of those titles that have a LONG SHELF stability and even 5 years from now will still see strong sales more compared to something that needs to hit HUGE at the time or people move on. It's art style and game play will still be of the toppest quality for a long time and not have much new ways of doing things that people will not look to it. Dude it's not even in the top one hundred on steam. Its legs didn't last five weeks never mind 5 years.
  3. Maybe but it doesn't live up to Gemini Rue, Resonance or Primordia either, recent (classic-like) adventure games I only played a year or two ago.
  4. The burned out wires on the Hexipal. 1.) It required the player's attention but it wasn't obtuse. No character said "Hey, you should look at x to solve y" but neither was the clue hidden in the background to be easily missed by the player. 2.) It iterated on the player's previously picked up knowledge 3.) It fitted well into the world and story. It was neither too obvious nor too abstract or ridiculous. Whoever designed it deserves a lollipop.
  5. In game it isn't really that much of a spoiler or revelation as by the time we get to Mom we've already met Dad and know she's real and on the ship.
  6. Thanks. That's a bit disappointing, I was hoping to go through both characters' parts separately like in Act 1. That's the way I flow.
  7. I'm not going to be specific here to avoid spoilers but if you've played it you probably know what I'm talking about.
  8. Just a small correction, Spacebase was NOT Kickstarted. It was funded by Indie Fund and initially sold as "Early Access" on Steam. It was updated frequently with new features and eventually a 1.0 official release build was created. Come on now.
  9. It is amazing how little a team of highly paid professionals gone done in a year.
  10. Are you secretly mad that Double Fine can't release this on the Xbox One? Microsoft has a sanction in place that prevents publishers releasing titles on the Xbox One if it releases on another console first. Double Fine, on the other hand, has full control over the release of this title, and likely saw additional PR by releasing it on Sony's PS4 and Vita. Er, no. Hello, I backed the game for a PC release and I have already played half the game on PC. Why on earth would I want to play the game on the Xbox One, a console I don't even own? This is not about petty console wars that I couldn't care less about. This is about the PRINCIPLE. DF getting in bed with Sony with BA is completely the OPPOSITE to the spirit in which this game came to fruitition and only the most loyal die hard fans could be blind to that.
  11. Shamless by Double Fine. This was a project SOLD and FUNDED in the spirit of an INDEPENDENT production (not to mention as a old school PC adventure game but let's not go over that old chestnut). Now they've sold exclusive rights to Sony - the height of disgusting, vile, insidious COPERATE shamscabbery. Double Fine have taken a beautiful, organic gestures from their fans and fans of independent media and whored it to a devil of coperate evil. Excuse me while I throw up.
  12. I think that word does not mean what you think it means. I know perfectly what it means. For example, "Objectively, The Princess Bride is nowhere near as good as the swashbucklers it is parodying."
  13. These are not valid criticisms (and neither is feminist criticism). Valid criticisms can be used to make games better. Making certain groups more comfortable is simply pandering and had no baring whatsoever on the objective quality of the game.
  14. I don't see how that's relevant? The pitch was different, the year was different, the rewards were different and the entire project was different in several important ways. They have in common both being kickstarter pitches for adventure games from creators who haven't made an adventure game in a while. Aside from that, they're markedly different propositions. To briefly return to this topic, yes - I'm still not backing this because it still hasn't excited me in the same way DFA and other kickstarter pitches have done, and there are parts of the pitch I specifically dislike. But I continue to be interested in the project as a whole, and so I'm trying to contribute constructively to the continuing conversation. Answer the question please. See above post, please. I don't owe you answers. I tell you what, if you really want to know I'm sure you can find the answer somewhere in my post history. Otherwise I'm not humouring what, based on this response, I can only assume is a childish attempt to accuse me of hypocrisy or something. If it isn't, please clarify, and then I will be happy to discuss further. I just want the facts, ma'am.
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