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  1. Derek mentioned in his company pitch that the art style is inspired by Moche pottery and that the Moche people made the best erotic pots. NSFW Google image search: https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=moche+erotic+pottery
  2. Awesome post, Tim! I've never really thought about the metaphysical role of the player as the characters' intuition in other games before, but you're right that it's more or less a convention in all adventure games. It just seems to have more of a presence in Broken Age because of the parallel plot and puzzle structure.
  3. It's the star chart for Prima Doom/Shellmound, which is where Alex's ship crashed. It's just there to show you that Alex and Shay's ships use the same star chart coordinates despite having different navigation systems.
  4. I'm sure the documentary will probably cover that stuff in the final episode. The episode that covered the shipping of Act 1 included the sales information up to that point.
  5. I think nostalgia goggles affect people more than they realize. Nothing can ever live up to the things you loved when you were twelve. I think that's just how the human brain works.
  6. Hmm... How expensive would it be to manufacture a fourth-dimensional hypercube box?
  7. That's awesome! It almost looks like a real prop made from real materials. I'd love to see an animated short with this version of the character.
  8. I thought he did have a few new lines on the space ship. Isn't that where he explains how he got his cane back from the Whoops-a-Birdie guard after it fell through the clouds?
  9. You know, direct communication between Shay and Vella might have been possible. Shay presumably still had the earpiece that Marek gave him. I wonder if that was ever going to come into play at any point during the design process.
  10. Yeah. It is unfortunate that Telltale's newer games have somewhat ruined traditional adventure games for people by giving them different expectations. I watched a Twitch stream the other day in which the player complained that the dialogue choices weren't meaningful because you could choose all of them.
  11. One more reason for Twyla to be grateful.
  12. You can also just re-download the entire game from GOG or Humble Bundle or wherever you got your DRM-free version, I believe.
  13. I suppose I'll post the link to the Geek Remix analysis video here too:
  14. Another article about the coming-of-age themes: http://killscreendaily.com/articles/broken-age-and-adventure-growing/
  15. There is a "look" option for inventory items at least. I do think the game makes up for its lack of verbs, though, with the staggering amount of unique dialogue it has for random inventory interactions and combinations. You can use everything on everything, and there's almost always some unique joke or acknowledgement of what the player might be trying to do.
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