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  1. Great idea! Thanks Double Fine! Played Act 1 all the way through and loved every moment. Yes, it's not "exactly" like the old adventure games, but then again, 2014 is not "exactly" like those old adventure days either.
  2. Thanks a lot guys, the game is fantastic and ready for prime time! Let's hope the rest of the gaming community is ready for the treasure that awaits them. All the best!
  3. After playing the game for just a few minutes, it was apparent that an incredible amount of effort and work went into it. It is most excellent! Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone at Double Fine. It's been quite an incredible journey so far, and there's still more to go! So, THANK YOU And congratulations on shipping the beta! Now, I have a game waiting for me to get back to... :lol:
  4. Our good friend and beloved teacher Mike Cheshire should definitely make a cameo appearance in Broken Age... Thanks for the incredible insights Tim - decades of experience condensed into a short (well, ok not so short) post. Love it!
  5. Sounds to me like DF is already on the right track. They're with the community, not against it - otherwise they would have given this to a publisher.
  6. This greatness shouldn't be rushed. With how high the expectations for this game are, and how many eyes are on it, time should be given to it to ensure its as amazing as can be. Double Fine seems to truly care about this project on a personal level, hence they are willing to pony up their own cash - keep up the great work guys!
  7. Fantastic work guys! Thank you very much for sharing these with us and being interactive. It's almost like an adventure within an adventure... DOUBLE Fine Adventure! Inceptionventure! ...
  8. - A place that completely defies the laws of physics and nature as we know it -- where up is down, in is out, and square is round (?) - Another vote for MC Escher - Lighthouse - A forest/jungle lit up by countless fireflies - We should probably avoid space... Because, as everyone knows, once you go to space, there's nowhere left to go... Like once you jump the shark... nevermind.
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