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  1. I like this also and its what I assumed would happen for hybrids: majority chance of being the Regent's class, minority chance of being a hybrid with the Partner's class. Maybe even a tiny chance to be the Partner's class. 100% all hybrid all the time seems kinda not as good. Can't wait to try it and see
  2. Alchemist / Caberjack - an Alchemist that uses knockback bombs and is more melee focused. Pusher Alchemist / Hunter - an Alchemist that uses heavily damaging precision single tile bombs. Nuker Caberjack / Hunter - a sneaky Caberjack that can stealth around the map! ! I got nothing Caberjack / Alchemist - a Caberjack that uses flask explosions on the tip of his Caber. Fireman Combuster Boomer Hunter / Alchemist - a Hunter that can shoot flasks with his crossbow. Rocketeer Rocketman Some kind of RPG-wielding vibe Hunter / Caberjack - a Hunter that's all about getting point blank shots and fighting from close® range than normal. Executioner
  3. Indeed like Jallen said, I was getting most of my heros wiped out every fight after year 200 and most didnt live past 2 fights. I also only used the new researched weapons, because why would I research them and not use them??? And now I see thats why I never got relics? Also parents operate like a standard??? I was putting level 1 heros as parents so that I dont waste the high level heros. Also I assumed that children had a chance to be either of the parent's classes. Well I learned so much, time for a redo!
  4. I seem to be in the unfortunate position to have done everything wrong and now the game is far too hard for me to win. I am 10+ hours into this game and wanted to see the final battle, but I have to start over. My heros currently exit training around level 5, and its year 250ish. One of the recent missions had a reward of a level 9 dude, and that was my first real sign that I messed something up. Before that, I had a few complete wipes recently, but usually managed to win with 1 or 2 dudes surviving. I thought that's how the game was, but its really becoming super hard to win with all level 5 guys. In summary - some kind of indication that 'hey you shouldn't be this weak this far in' might help.
  5. Brutal Legend was so awesome and so perfect in every way - I'll gladly back anything else Double Fine wants to do, just because I love Brutal Legend.
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