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    I backed $110 on the Double Fine Adventure kickstart.
  1. I have to agree with the OP. the puzzels were simple... really simple (at least in Shay's half, Ive not played Vella's yet). The only time I got stuck was because Id missed an item in a room and I knew id missed one so I just had to go and find it.
  2. As has already been mentioned by others in the thread. When I drop $60 (or $110 in this case) on a game I have length expectations... But it was different for me with this project. I was in it mostly for Video Documentary and the other behind the scenes stuff. The 'time investment' has been taken up with reading the developer blogs, watching the documentary and conversing (though ive done very little of that) on these forums. Oh! and the poster, shirt and other swag! Even without the second half I feel as though ive gotten my monies worth.
  3. So I just played through all of Shays part and the beginning of Vella's. But not a single Steam Trading Card. The Store page said it supports them, but maybe thats a mistake? Or maybe they arent dropping due to the release date not having passed yet? Does anyone know anything about this? In b4 Steam Trading Cards Suck. FEEDBACK: SPOILERS! As I mentioned Ive played through all of Shay's part and only the intro to Vella's. I got stuck only on one part of Shay's part because I somehow missed the 'propulsion device'. So I think the difficulty level is fine, though that is of course just my personal opinion. And I do have some experience with these kinds of games. As for other aspects of the game I loved it all! Voice work, art work, controls and UI. All good.
  4. Im sorry you had money problems when the Kickstarter was going on breanniebelle. That really sucks. That you went out of your way to scrape together the money for the kickstarter shows your DF fan chops. I hope you can at least understand that its actually better if Doublefine can continue to make pre-orders and money that they can use. You can still be mad or disappointed, after all emotions don't have to be logical.
  5. I read the second post saying "beware his evil eyes" It still surprised the hell out of me. I couldn't stop laughing. Day has been made.
  6. I have no interest in Leisure Suit Larry. I have browsed kickstarter for other games to back but only DBA and Wasteland 2 have interested me.
  7. Well if Double Fine are worried about that they should ask Mojang for pointers. They seem to be able to respond to fans quite frequently and still get stuff done.
  8. The only reason I haven't already emailed Kotaku expressing my disappointment in them is because this was accidentally made available to the public.
  9. I love the scenery, it looks great! Next time try not to release to the public though..
  10. Hey greg, in this thread (http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6574/) people have been putting all sorts of weird things into the name field. Might want to decide what is allowable and what isnt.
  11. I just put: First Name "Nickname" Last Name. Somehow I dont think DF would appreciate advertising or phone numbers in there... Someone should ask them!
  12. It sucks that Critical Acclaim != Comercial success. this happened with one of my favourite games, Okami, aswell. When this game is released we should make all our friends buy it aswell. Gift it on steam. Spread the love!
  13. Okamiden for the Nintendo DS. <3 Okami
  14. Can't wait to get a Blurray of the final documentary. IF thats what I have to look forward too, except a whole years worth....Just... so... awesome... <3 you guys.
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