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  1. The issue is more that someone else posted it as their work in what is (as I understand it) basically a contest. It's unfair to the other contestants, if nothing else. Regardless, things are flagged, people are notified, time for a deep breath.
  2. Sasha - I can envision a nice quiet afternoon spent organizing his files and discussing German Impressionism and the works of Piet Mondrian.
  3. This wasn't just putting it up someplace for free - it was posted under another person's name in a weekly contest (that pays prize money). I reported it as soon as Tasha tweeted me back, but the more flags the merrier.
  4. Someone posted Tasha's Game on Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Shelly_Mae/tashas-game Looking at the poster's profile, I'm hazarding a wild guess that it wasn't Tasha that posted it. I'd just like to be absolutely certain before I flag it, though.
  5. Not only do I wish you luck, I joined, went through my gallery, and submitted about half a dozen things - also, I have been inspired by the categories to try a few little one-shot comics.
  6. In a perfect world, I would love to have an action figure or statuette of Sasha Nein that could sit on my desk disapproving of the general state of constant disarray. More realistically, coffee mugs would be nice. Particularly with Sasha, anything from the Milkman Conspiracy, or Ford Cruller/bacon on them.
  7. nope, it seems to just be blank at the moment - used to redirect to the Lodge, according to the History section, but it's been divided off into its own page.
  8. ...and at the same time, too...wow...did Double Fine send out some kind of psychic broadcast or something? How long did yours take? I was digging through my Flickr and found an in-progress shot at about the same angle.
  9. You'll love it. Especially if you love Dr. Who - he incorporated some elements of a Dr. Who script he'd written that was never filmed (well, sort of filmed - it's a long story) into the book.
  10. Didn't realize anyone else had been bitten by the Psychonauts Interior Design bug
  11. Being a big Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fan, I am tempted to make a sign to hang next to the door that says 'To the Asylum'
  12. Thanks to the 'This is a post' thread, I reeeeally want to hear the G-Men offer me some delicious cake...
  13. Every day as I leave for work, it reminds me to drive carefully. Because it's nothing but a bunch of ****ing lunatics out there... (edit: full details + larger pic on deviantArt: http://arani.deviantart.com/art/Giant-Psychoportal-138616694)
  14. When I started playing the game for the first time, for some reason I was certain that Sasha was going to be the villain. (this is not to say that Sasha was not still instantly my favorite character - if anything, I was a bit disappointed to discover I was wrong) The next time I played through, there was a lot of dialogue that seemed a lot more ominous/obvious that I'd just not noticed before, not to mention that Basic Braining seemed a great deal more revealing. Later replays made me think that this was exactly what the Coach wanted me to think - he seemed to be a bit snarky about Sasha in particular. My theory now is that he was totally planning on blaming Sasha for everything if it had all gone according to plan.
  15. Nope, just kind of a running joke - unless I've been caught in someone else's photo that I don't know about, the single picture of my face on the internet is photoshopped onto Princess Leia's body.
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