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  1. It's beautiful, it's really funny, it is as familiar as an old friend but sparkling and new, and it runs smooth as silk so far. It's far beyond anything I could have wished for all those months ago. So before all the accolades and awards roll in, I want to say thank you to everyone at Double Fine, and Tim's beard.
  2. In general I love the fresh feeling ideas about the games. None of them seem generic with knobs on; there is a lot of talk about atmosphere, for example. Narrative nuance, feeling. It very much feels that DF are a collective of artists that happen to work in a game medium, rather than the kind of devs who are like, 'okay, what's the latest tech we can use to make a shooter or RPG and what story shall we slap on top of that code' - like most of the big studio games. That fundamental culture seeds all the ideas to have wonderful potential. I like the de-emphasis on fighting or shooting and seen-it-all before puzzles. So my votes were motivated along the games which strongly articulated those elements, and I'm happy to see that those, for want of a better word, have won. And WOW, this whole public dev, streaming stuff is so awesome. Awesome artists, awesome games, awesome community sharing and openness. This is amazing. Thank you DF. Hearing about and investing in DFA is the gift that just keeps giving.
  3. It's so, so wonderful to see this process so intimately. Originally I expected the 2PP thing to be like a DVD extra, but it is clearly a work of art and valuable documentation in itself.
  4. So very interesting to see how art integrates into a 'manufacturing' process. Thanks. Looking more beautiful every post.
  5. For me the playback was juddery, even in SD. Could be because I have an older machine. Certainly a poorer experience than the current solution.
  6. Fantastic! The Double Fine Adventure is now technically something real that exists in the world. Redbot may not be having a wild adventure walking back and forth outside the cabin, but we're under way! I think it's very neat that it all seems to be real time and can be updated on the fly. It's also great that the DFA might help others contribute to a renaissance of adventure games. Thanks for the update. Perhaps in a future post you could show us some code/script and explain what it's doing?
  7. My sleepy confusion about John Landis merely begot further laughter. I love you, beard. The rest of you are okay.
  8. Thanks Oliver. Does this system mean we might be able to play earlier builds of the game, rather than just a final Beta towards the end? Like a monthly build, perhaps? It'd be interesting for (many of) us, and if you can watch usage it may return quick cheap bug data?
  9. Wonderful insight there, thank you. I'm surprised how much it already looks like the kind of game I was interested in. Beautiful even in its earliest draft, the promise blossoms.
  10. So much awesome. Could listen to Tim talk for hours. I should have invested more, this is turning out even better than I expected already.
  11. Ill add my thanks Oliver. Just the kind of post/update I was hoping to see. As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as 'too geeky' in how much you can insight you can share on your work. Look forward to the next update!
  12. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. The quality of the doc is truly impressive and I look forward to this adventure all the more.
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