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  1. I'd say this could certainly provide a solid base for remasters. The Grim Fandango backgrounds look incredible, and would already work much better in the Remastered version than the upscales used now. Here are many more from Grim: and Also Escape from Monkey Island... wtf?
  2. Just in time to celebrate the massive success of Double Fine's Kickstarter, I've finalized the clean up on the Grim Fandango mural for my LucasArts Posters project: Clickety-clack: Bigger preview Full Size Download (150x48cm @ 200dpi)
  3. Nitpicker's Corner

    Oh man, that sucks...
  4. Nitpicker's Corner

    A tiny request: Would it be possible to sort the tracks in the soundtrack jukebox chronologically instead of alphabetically? Makes much more sense...
  5. Is it possible to change the language ?

    You can choose the language in the options menu.
  6. Art of the Title - Full Throttle Intro

    Scroll down, it's there Just watched it for now, gonna read the whole piece later. Nice find! So that confirms a few of the uncertainties: - The Gone Jackals music stems seem to be available in high quality, otherwise the beginning of "Legacy" without lyrics wouldn't be there. - Cloned bikers be gone - Bens fingers on the bike handle = fixed
  7. Full Throttle is out on 4/18!

    Those aren't minor glitches though. Even stuff like Ben's hands behind the bike handles are still in there, so if this is a current build, why didn't they just show parts of the game that were more polished? If problems like these are still present throughout the game, a month would be really little time to fix all of these...
  8. Full Throttle is out on 4/18!

    Is the version of the game shown in GOG's Twitch-stream with Tim the current build? Because it still has quite a bit of graphical glitches (like disappearing shadows, lighting changes once a special animation starts, too dark muzzle flashes and search lights and even the original 320x240-version of the game flickering up when the police jet lands), even in the few minutes shown there. On the other hand the contrast issues of Ben's bike have been fixed, so it at least gotta be a newer build than what was used for the trailer.
  9. Full Throttle Remastered Community Q&A

    Are you considering localized versions of the "Full Throttle" logo? The original had the main logo both on the box and the game at least in German... don't know if there were logo versions for other languages as well.
  10. Grim Fandango Remastered soundtrack is out!

    Bringing this back up, has anybody tried completing the official "Director's Cut"-soundtrack with the music extracted from the game via the Double Fine Explorer? I think there's still some music missing from the official OST.
  11. IGN posts Reveal Trailer

    Mini making-of: But I hope 2PP will create a more in-depth one as well...
  12. Those 3D Models

    That does sound very good indeed And wow, 3D Studio R3, that's been a while. I started with R4 for DOS and during my professional life I lived through each iteration of 3ds max starting at version 1. The DOS version was a really sweet tool for its time though
  13. Full Throttle Remastered Wish List Features

    Oh yeah, speaking of the concept art browser. I'd love it if DF would implement a zoom function this time around, thus not limiting the artwork resolution to 1080p, like with DOTT. The Monkey Island SEs had their concept art at crazy high resolution, plus the ability to zoom into them inside the artwork browser.
  14. Preorder Bonus

    Double Fine should just go ahead and sell Bone to Pick (maybe even a remastered version of the album) in their online store. And another CD with Peter McConnell's music to the game.
  15. Specified BlueRay but box says DVD

    I guess this just refers to the actual "Broken Age" game in the box, which comes on a DVD, no matter which format the documentary has.
  16. Preorder Bonus

    Obviously he said "score"... so this should cover Peter McC's contributions to the soundtrack.
  17. According to the Playstation Blog, Double Fine will be showing Full Throttle Remastered at this year's Playstation Experience:
  18. Is there a video of that demo? I'd love to see some game play and the UI.
  19. IGN posts Reveal Trailer

    On the shot of Maureen's workshop, there's also some pixels of the original image showing through around the brown rope above Ben's bike.
  20. Nitpicker's Corner

    Regarding the background mountains, it looks like the remastered version IS the same mountain range, but scaled differently. Look to the right of Ben, where the mountain shape looks like the one in the original, just repeated three times and scaled smaller (plus squashed vertically). Also they shouldn't show as much detail, because at that distance they would appear almost monochromatic, like they do in the original. I do prefer the general new look of the bike though, as the new toon shaded style matches the style of the character much better. But I agree that contrast and lighting on the model could and should be matched to the backgrounds better, especially since the bike is rendered separately for each background it appears in anyway (if I'm not mistaken). To be fair, even the bike in the original didn't match the background color-wise, but at least the contrast matched and the lighting worked a bit better.
  21. IGN posts Reveal Trailer

    IGN also released some HUGE ASS screenshots... and they look fantastic! Just look at these shots at a whopping 4440 x 2400 pixels: And the aforementioned blockyness seems nowhere to be found in these shots, so I guess they are either newer than the backgrounds shown in the teaser, or my eyes just deceive me. Also I'm very glad they decided to expand all the screens to widescreen. The only criticism I have left is that Ben's bike seems to need a bit of a contrast fix to make it fit into the backgrounds a bit better. It's slightly too light, not matching the black levels of the backgrounds. Apart from that I'm absolutely blown away by the apparent quality of this remaster.
  22. IGN posts Reveal Trailer

    Looking good Although there's some obviously blocky upscaling going on with the backgrounds (of course it is, since the originals were the basis for these paintovers). I hope his gets cleaned up a bit more until release. Characters and close-ups look great though.
  23. Full Throttle Remastered Wish List Features

    Any chance for including the localized titles?
  24. 1.04 patch notes

    I guess anyone in the office could just scan it and post it to the forums. Does it have to be in the game itself? Sure, I'd happily take a high-res scan of the thing any day... I'd even prefer it over just including it in the game, since the concept art there is only at 1080p resolution.
  25. 1.04 patch notes

    And while you're at it: Could you PLEASE scan and add Peter Chan's Adventurer cover artwork to the concepts library? Tim has it hanging in his office!