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  1. Sure, release it to the publice. Don't care if paid or free but I think no matter how, it's a great idea! And send the links to the press asap
  2. Well, I guess you know where to yuse the key now to open a new door. Look well around on the balcony.
  3. It was easy then. Very very interesting game, I would certainly want a full game out of this. Best in the Amnesia this year for me.
  4. Thank you. I got the picture thingie. It's just that I have tried to use it from too close the target (I assumed based on the game experience that I have to use the inventory object as close as possible to the target object).
  5. TwilightFalchion: which door please?
  6. nope, I don't get it What do I do with the damn key? Or with the damn picture (which I have twice)
  7. Possibly my english (non native) played tricks on me or I just did not put enough thinking into this before writing - for which I am sorry - , but in reply to you (Rather Dashing) and MusicallyInspired I did not want to imply that what I like is "good", and that those who prefer "the old way" and do not embrace this modern way are "bad". It's after all a matter of taste and completely subjective, and there is no right and wrong here. So it was not meant to be a negative statement towards those who do not like this new direction, but more like what I think would keep some people from accepting it. As a fellow adventure gamer, I know what it would be like for me to be dissapointed after putting all my hopes in such a project, so I genuinly feel sorry for those who are dissapointed and who expected a more "classical" adventure.
  8. Looking at how my preferences in adventure gaming have evolved over the last 20 years, I would say that I fully embrace this change and the new "modern style" over the classical one. And yes, I've played every adventure I could put my hands on, starting with Maniac Mansion up to and including the new Broken Sword launched in December last year. I guess some people are more resistant to change, or their nostalgia is keeping them from accepting this important shift of paradigm with regards to gameplay. It was anyway impossible for anybody, not just Tim, to please everyone but I still feel sorry that some people expected something else from this game to the point where they consider all this (in my opinion excellent) effort in very negative terms.
  9. Though english is not my mother tongue, i was pleasantly surprised by the clever writing, puns, jokes, etc. They are subtle enough so you don't burst into laughs but I giggled many many times. I don't see how the writing could have been better and I was not looking for a stand-up-comedy-type-of-screenplay. In short, I find the writing to be one of the strenghts of this game and a major contributor to the game's charm.
  10. The thing with easy puzzles might also be about the fact that we grew up... So let me tell you about The Secret of Monkey Island.. I played it in '95-'96. It was very difficult for me at that time (I was about 16 years old, english was also a bit of a problem back then). I played it again a few months ago (the remastered version). It seemed so easy now ... unbelievably easy compared to how I was remembering it. As for me, I am not in favour of a gazillion objects, pixel hunting and action verbs. In fact, though I played almost every well known adventure game there is (and many "unknowns" as well) I am generally looking for story, soul, characters, atmosphere, and I care less about the "game" or gameplay part (puzzles, pixel hunting, etc). Which means for me Broken Age is all that I could've hoped for.
  11. Great game and certainly a classic for me. Puzzles were ok, not difficult but not very easy (for classic adventure gamers clearly quite easy...). Years ago when I was playing all the adventures I could put my hands on, I loved difficult puzzles, but over time I "softened up" a bit, plus I had less time to dedicate to gaming, so the puzzles in Broken Age hit my sweet spot with regards to difficulty (they also were logical and fitting too). p.s. played the first deponia and half of the second: a mess of a game, extremely crowded and colourfull retina-killer screens, long and erratic, didn't like it. I don't know how the soul of Broken Age can be compared with the mediocrity of Deponia (of course, in my humble opinion). p.s.2 I am not sure I would have liked "a classic adventure game" ... the wedjeteye games are very good at this and I didn't need more than that.. I am actually happy that I got something fresh and with a lot of heart instead. I am much more about story than about puzzles, so for me Broken Age act 1 was perfect.
  12. I just love it, has a lot of soul, impressive atmoshpere, music, great voices/characters, superb dialogue. Together with the documentary experience, easily one of the best things that happened to me in the last few years.
  13. kickstarter backer for 15$ but I deeply regret it.. I mean I regret not going for at least 60$ as I love the documentaries, soundtrack, etc. There has to be a way for us to get them
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