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  1. I must know: Who made that awesome hexipal cake (I'm assuming that's a cake) that Tim is mercilessly slicing into in the latest Double Fine Action Bulletin? Kudos to whoever made it! Now I really do want a hexipal plushie. If you're not subscribed to the DFAB, the aformentioned pic is attached. (Hope I'm not breaking any rules by doing so.)
  2. THIS. I spent a messload of time wandering around the ship trying to find 2 other pieces of wire. Then I just decided "hey let me try to connect more than one terminal," and BAM! Part of the puzzle solved. YES. I had been trying to write my thoughts down about this half of the game, but you captured it perfectly. I felt that there was no real closure in Act 2 -- it ended abruptly and, as someone else said, seemed like it left a lot more questions than it answered. I was totally expecting the whole "ship collision" thing to end relatively quickly and for us to infiltrate the city and start doing some damage, so I was quite disappointed when the game ended the way it did.
  3. Oh man. Until I read this thread, I was completely stuck in Shay's game. I didn't realize you could talk to F'ther while you were hanging onto Harm'ny's ladder! And now to solve that puzzle...
  4. PatTheMav, THANK YOU for that first hint. That got me the final piece of info I needed with the shoe puzzle. Onward!
  5. Oh man, I'm stuck at the EXACT same place, so THANK YOU for asking this question. I've read the hints people have given in this thread and will go back for another try. I see from other posts that shoe sizes will also come into play....I was noticing those and I wondered if anything was going to be made of them.
  6. [EDIT] Nevermind, I figured out what was going wrong. I can't seem to delete this post, so just ignore this altogether. =P
  7. Anna seems to have had a soft-focus filter on her for her interview sequences. Glad you're feeling better, Anna! And Camden, hope you managed to get over the bug by now, too. But yeah, seriously.... This was definitely an emotional episode. All the criticism and hate...The creative process is almost never a smooth road and many people just don't realize all the steps and the work and the hard choices that need to be made in order to come out with a smooth, flowing product. All they see is how much is chopped from the final, and they complain that they're getting cheated. Coming from an industry where we have to put out a (hopefully) well-polished product every day, I can sympathize. Big thanks and props to everyone at Double Fine for allowing this to be captured and for 2PP for doing an excellent job in presenting it. Keep your spirits up, everyone! Can't wait for the game and the final ep!
  8. LOL...Very true, very true. Totally understandable. I will admit that when I reached the end of Act 1, I was already screaming for Act 2.
  9. To bengdoublefine, regarding spoilers: The early episodes of the documentary (that is, 1-10 and perhaps even past that) are very careful about spoilers and focus much more on the development process itself. Maybe others can comment on this: did any of you get much of the game spoiled when you were watching?. I'd say that there's no story spoilers, but if you wanted to keep the art and music a surprise then you should avoid the documentary, since I knew almost all of the locations before I started playing. (If anything though, playing through those locations after watching them be developed enriched the experience, rather than detracted from it). The puzzles aren't spoiled either. Yes, I agree on the "no story or puzzle spoilers" part. But aside from that, it really does depend on your mindset, on what you consider spoilers. For me, I'm somewhat opposite of Bidiot Bales. I didn't watch beyond the first 3 or 4 episodes, once they started showing a lot more concept art and such, until after I had finished Act 1 because I also didn't want to know too much about everything before the game came out. Because my mindset is that I want to discover as much of the world as possible on my own. And then, after I finished the game, it was really cool to go back and watch the documentary to see the world taking shape, see the effort and thought and planning that went into it, and doing it that way enriched the experience for me. I don't know how I would've felt about the game if I had seen the eps before playing, but again that's just me. Do I also understand you to mean that you haven't played Act 1 yet? If not, you really should. As Tim (or someone else?) said or wrote somewhere, it's an entire game in itself. Sure, you'll see the same places and faces again in Act 2, but that's to be expected, and to me I wouldn't consider those "game spoilers." Kind of like a book-based movie that's been cut into 2 parts because there's so much the book covered.
  10. Hey, Tim has a Japanese puzzle box! Nice! I never noticed that on his desk before, unless it's new. The censoring of the plot points made me laugh for some reason. I'm excited to hear about the puzzles. Yeah, I'll probably get stuck at times, but I'm curious to see exactly how they've evolved from Act 1.
  11. Gee, so, uh, getting back to the video itself... So I noticed 2PP starting mic-ing themselves better. Good job! But on the subject of the audio, I don't know if someone mentioned this earlier, but didn't the timing seemed to be off? I've watched this on 2 different computers and after just a few minutes the voices no longer match the mouth movements.
  12. I think a kind of graduated hint system is a GREAT idea. I loved how "The Room" did that, how after a certain amount of time passed and you hadn't solved the puzzle, a new hint would be unlocked. And the yarn pals are awesome, whoever made them. And Tim's scene with them was hilarious.
  13. Wow, great insight into sound design. It really reminds you that there are a lot of things to think about that add to the experience of a game that the player often doesn't realize. Thanks to Camden, Brian, and the rest of the sound team! Great work everyone!
  14. I noticed that blurred-out person near the beginning of the episode too! And so far no one's responded about that! Ooh, secrets... And when did Chris Remo say he was leaving and why did he leave?! The first I heard about it was another post on the forum maybe a month back that referenced it, and then I found out for certain after I watched this episode. As a once-again-lurker on these forums (which I have gone back to being to avoid spoilers regarding Act 2), I obviously missed the announcement if any was made.
  15. I agree! And I just had to go with the spoon here.
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