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  1. You seriously think that GamerGate can be continued to be used? That it isn't tainted beyond repair? Sure, why not? The only people who believe it tainted are those who won't look past their own prejudices. I honestly think it is a terrible name just because the whole "Thing of subject"Gate wording is vastly overused, but that does not discredit it. The hashtag has a large following behind it, whether or not you find it tainted doesn't matter.
  2. I have read that. It did very little to convince me that I should be upset about anything. See, the thing with me, is that I've yet to find a very clear and rational explanation of what those who hate Gamergate are fighting against. Most of it seems very reactionary, bombastic, and overly wrought out. This discussion here is just an example of that. I claim I'm neutral, and immediately I'm sarcastically mocked for feeling superior. In my discussions with gamergate people, I have never received that. I've explained to them the various actions perpetrated by their side and how hurtful it is to people, and I get the metric opposite of what I've received on forums like here. I want to remain neutral because I do agree and disagree with both sides to some degree, but the "fingers in ears" attitude of the anti-gamergate side is extremely off-putting.
  3. I just wonder if you understand how that fails to make me want to take your side. It is best to look at both sides of the argument and then decide which side deserves the most merit. I will attempt to explain to you what I see: two sides with very good arguments, but one side that seems to find it difficult to explain their argument without immediately lapsing into insulting the other side. This is a very strong "us vs. them" dichotomy that is only adopted by people who can only exist through self-validation. You could go on for ages explaining to me how the side you disagree with is made of literally hitlers, but unless you explain to me what you are arguing for, I could honestly care less. Gamergate people seem to want a more open discourse with those who disagree with them, but I do not see that from the other side. When I see a perfectly reasonable interview conducted by neutral source that is then immediately called a "hit-piece" when it is shown that the interviewee was not prepared to answer the questions posed, I get concerned. When I see a conversation that is important to the future of a whole culture shot down and pushed under the rug because those in charge of the discourse are afraid of what might come of it, I get concerned. When an entire group of people is insulted and lambasted entirely for their hobby and who they were born as, I get concerned. Do not get me wrong, I do entirely believe that women are treated poorly in the gaming community, but lambasting the Gamergate community just for attempting to have better disclosure and ethics in game journalism just reeks as petty and childish. Actually attempt to argue your point without resorting to argumentum ad hominem and then perhaps others will listen.
  4. Honestly, after reading this whole thing, I'm just kind of disappointed in all the arguments posed by you guys. Most of it boiled down to "I disagree with them, so I won't listen to them." And the amount of mocking is a little off-putting as well. I was going to post a longer reply with more specifics, but I can't imagine it would help really. I still consider myself neutral to this whole affair, but you guys aren't putting your side in the best of light here.
  5. I'm just going to give a quick reply because it's been an insane weekend for me and I need to sleep. I'll come back later and attempt to break the character limit. While I am neither for or against GamerGate, I do definitely think many of you here greatly misinterpret what they are attempting to do. You call them pro-harassment, but I certainly haven't seen that from them. You call them misogynistic, and I definitely haven't seen that either. From what I have gathered, they have 3 main goals. First seems to be more transparency in gaming Journalism. I can't help but agree with them there. Games Journalism is significantly broken at this current moment in time, to the point that I'd be hard-pressed to actually call it journalism. Pretty much the only thing I'd say about the harassment side of that accusation is that I haven't seen anyone significant on the GamerGate side every "jokingly" say that they believe "nerds should be constantly shamed and degraded into submission." Kidding or nah, as someone who was bullied immensely as a child, I have an immensely hard time finding it funny. This tweet alone nearly tipped me over the edge. But I can't say I don't support more diversity in gaming. I most certainly do! I love having an extremely strong set of characters in my games. I love playing games made by men and women alike. Anyone, I don't care. I judge the game for the game. Okay, I could go on, but I'll save that for later. I must sleep. I expect 40 more replies by tomorrow. Edit:I just realized I didn't list all the goals, but that's fine. I'll do that later.
  6. I legitimately didn't see the other ones. That's my bad, I apologize. I'd like to respond to you guys, but it's 2AM here and I must sleep. Perhaps tomorrow.
  7. Hello there my great and wonderful friends, I'd first like to start off by saying my love and admiration for Double Fine and everyone a part of it is above and beyond anything I could reasonably describe. It's something close to how much I love my own mother, but maybe a bit more than how much I love my big toes. And this is with absolutely no sarcasm, I really do. I have purchased every Double Fine game on Steam except Costume Quest 2 (due to lack of funds.) I do it because I want to support them in any way I can. And with that, I apologize for the rambling nature of this. I just really need assistance in figuring something out for myself. I am not going to name anything because I think that just drags around a stigma that is hard to pull off, on both sides really. I've just been very, very frustrated lately because I feel like I perhaps did not totally understand my own heroes in gaming or that I do not know the full story behind the many interactions I have read or witnessed in the past month or so. I'll stop beating around the bush. As many of you are likely aware, there is a fairly large hullabaloo in gaming and games culture right now that has a lot of people voicing in with very polarizing opinions. It involves many things including Third-wave feminism, games journalism, and the general attitude of the gaming community. I'm not here to point fingers at anyone. I'm only here to attempt to understand what people's views are on this whole thing. I could personally say what my stance is on this matter, but I don't want that to color any discussion that may occur. I just wish to know what it is that has caused everyone to take their stance one way or another, perhaps in hopes that I could understand each side better than I do now. See, the problem I've been having is that both sides are very hostile towards each other. It doesn't matter if I come in with the most neutralist view of the situation as I can, it is very hard to convince someone that believes so strongly that they are in the right that not sharing their view doesn't also mean that you're against them. I won't say this is 100% of the time, but I've attempted to discuss this with both sides and it generally results in a lot of name-calling and terrible accusations that cover the original issues and questions I may have had. I especially wish to understand Tim's view of this whole thing, which is partially why I'm posting it here. From my position, I have seen a lot of hostility and malice towards Tim and Double Fine. And I have personally defended both many times because I believe much of the citicism is unfair and extremely unproductive. I'm not patting my own back or celebrating my own accomplishments there, but it's tough for me to see the general public be so negative towards anyone who I don't believe deserve it. In the midst of all that, this controversy starts and it almost felt like that anger towards Double Fine and Tim sort of flowed into it. Now, I don't know if that's true. I have no way of knowing if that's true because I do not know the man. Okay, I could ramble forever about this. I'm sorry for the length of this, but I almost feel like my understanding of this will matter to me on a greater level in the future. I look forward to reading everyones' thoughts. I seriously love all you guys and I hope this can remain civil among friends. PS. I wasn't sure if this was the correct forum for this. I almost put it in the General Discussion forum, but this seems more relevant to gaming as a whole and not just DF themselves.
  8. I mean, it's not wrong. He is, really. Just in Tim's defense, that was probably a gut reaction filmed during what is probably the most stressful part of a release. If I were in his shoes, I would've thought the same thing... But he really is a jerk. Edit: I should proofread before I post
  9. This is all I can imagine when you say stuff like that: You really think he's out to con us or something? Really? You've watched this whole documentary and the thing you've gotten from it is that Tim is a "shitty con artist." Uh.. huh...
  10. I think in this case they just shouldn't avoid it. It should be the choice of the viewer to be spoiled if they decide they're okay with it. Personally, I'll probably avoid Pen's stream for the majority of it just in case. I'll just watch it later after I play the Alpha.
  11. Jerry should also reference this guy: Or is his name Gary... or Larry. I can't remember.
  12. I got stuck in two places, both in Vella's side: That stupid cupcake. I don't know why it took me so long to figure out that I could actually get a cupcake, but for the longest time I was just going around Vella's house clicking everything BUT the cupcakes. The second place was when you needed to put the ancient relic in the slot in the one eyed god's temple. It took me a really long time to figure out that the "art" in the cabin was the relic. Those were really the only two places, though.
  13. I honestly find it a grey area. It was rude of them to do so, but only because it was a post intended for backers with all the context that comes from the documentaries. Because they posted Tim's words straight up with very little context other than "Double Fine Needs more money to finish game" it was incredibly rude of them to do so. They didn't mention a few things that make this okay in context: That Double Fine has known that the game is grand in scope from the beginning. That Double Fine is entirely capable of providing a game within the kickstarter budget. That doing the above would require significantly cutting from the game. That Tim and company do not want to cut the game because they want to deliver a game that they believe we deserve. And I think the most important one is this: Double Fine made this Kickstarter so they could make a game without publisher oversight so they can make a game entirely within their vision. Having the internet flip our shit at them "splitting" the game and intending to go over their kickstarter budget is exactly the opposite of what is conducive to creating a quality game. And the bloggers and others that posted Tim's message with zero context are only hurting something that is good for the game development community as a whole just in the name of causing drama. It's incredibly and horrifically rude.
  14. Have either of you played any other Double Fine games? This whole splitting into two part thing is being taken the wrong way. It's not a screw up.
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