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  1. It was great meeting you all at acmi yesterday. Cheeseness, I've finally had time to read your blog in full. I think it summed up the event and everything that occurred very nicely. If anyone wants to add me my steam id is :SeƱor Citizen I'd also like to thank Tim for taking time out to speak to everyone at the event. It was an extremely long day and you must have been buggered.
  2. I'll also be there tomorrow, going to the forum from 8:30 till whenever it ends and am lucky enough to be seeing Tim Schafer at 6:15. So will have a couple of hours to waste, I'll probably end up at beer deluxe as usual. Edit* I'll also be there tonight to see Warren Spector.
  3. its good to actually see where some of this money goes. Its often easy to forget that its not all just going to the game, and there are other obligations.
  4. didn't expect that many of us from Aus, surprising in a good way.
  5. - Pirate bay: pirates but with 1 and 0's as their loot - Abandoned Sketch show studio: similar to a show today (sounds nothing like a level based in a theatre) - Alternate Universe: Have an alternate universe for some areas, where the characters act differently so can help complete puzzles. - Outback Australia: aka Outhouse and Pub, nothing else exists out there. - 80's game arcade: 80's style game arcade, abandoned except for the one guy still going for that high score. - Edible world: self explanatory - Genetically mutated food: food has been genetically mutated to a point where it is now alive. - Game of chess: life size game of chess where the pieces actually fight, similar to in harry potter - Private catholic school: with all the secret stuff that occurs - Sperm bank: i'll let you think about that - Colour blind world: everything is colours so that colour blind people can see it, but looks weird for everyone else - Based within a god world: something (god) is trying to control you. Make you look at the player as another god to the world - Player is a god: characters come to the screen and make observations that it is the user controlling everything. - Lab test: you are part of an experiment, potentially run by outside beings (double fine) rather than in game characters. Can change what happens through updates every so often, or randomize it. - Truman game: likes the Truman show, except maybe its the devs watching the players.
  6. As mentioned above, No it does not. It has the capabilities to do this and it may be what it is mainly used for. In the case of the DFA, this will not be the case (As far as I'm aware). The source code for Moai is C++. To make fundamental changes to the engine C++ code will be required, however why make it harder to get something done. It just means more time is spent programming the same modules and less time on other aspects of developing the game. By choosing a engine like Moai it means more time can be spent designing and testing rather than low level coding.
  7. Never heard of Moai but it seems like a good option. I'm glad you didn't go for a more closed framework
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