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  1. I up as well by saying that I have still Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy (~50+ post rule applies as well) p.s. I am so pissed that I claimed for error in my first attempt in Humble Bundle months ago, Grid 2 and Euro Truck Simulator 2, games that I know I will NEVER play
  2. Jeez. Many sensitive people those days eh? Good luck Moderators!!! Guys you can delete all the post no problem, I understand Like I said didn't want to argue, was an honest and simple request out of curiosity for the evolution of the series of the game that I used to love so much.
  3. Bidot I think that you are confusing my intention I didn't ask anyone to buy it, I was looking if there where people that already bought the bundle (normally many of the people over here like me buy humble bundles). And I know the thread I gave away various games in the past in here. (I lurk more than I post in this forum...) I am not buying it because of the bad references I heard of the game and because I have already a lot of things that I am playing at the moment so I hope to play in the future, and most of the bundle I am really not interested in, the most interesting thing Heroes M&M III I already have it.
  4. I saw the latest humble bundle https://www.humblebundle.com/?button&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_campaign=1164addada-Humble_Might_and_Magic_Bundle&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_990b1b6399-1164addada-128087765#game-info-mightandmagic_duelofchampions_starterpack And I didn't feel like getting any of those games, but I was hoping if anyone has Heroes & Might and Magic V or VI? I heard they were garbage, but I was still curious to try it.
  5. am I the only one that feels that a GOOD tutorial would be actually very much needed? I backed the game, but I am very unsatisfied by it. I don't have time to attach myself to the characters, and they just puff, with no help on what should I do. I do not have the time to try and try and try again. I just get bored, and throw away the game. Sorry for the arsh words, I appreciate the effort of the team in trying to deliver something interesting. It might be that it is just not the game suited for me, having the progression that I am doing losing after some battles because of the tree line on when they have to have kids, it just irks me so much.
  6. Yeah no point to have a new thread. It would make sense to show this place only to the people with more than 50 post thou. I understand that it is not a task that doublefine could care about. Anyway, just give to people that deserve, and the karma will spread around.
  7. I like the idea of sharing games. I did give some previously in this forum. I believe that it is important to keep it a community that grow slowly with that tendency, more than "just come and grab" kind of mentality. When I buy humble bundle there are some games that I want to try and some other that I really don't care to have. I played so many games that I thought they were good and than they were bad, that at least if we can give each other some slack and help in trying different games, that reciprocity at least it is worth something. A good and healthy community.
  8. I have still some games to give away 1 Insurgency Key - (Dec 9 is the last duration) https://www.humblebundle.com/?gift=XesC4cdyMCCrW8MN Half Minute Hero GRID KickBeat Steam Edition
  9. I have 2 keys for Insurgency [del]and 1 key for Full Mojo Rampage[/del] I'll give away as well if you are part of this community +50 post or have already shared a game. I believe in exchange of good friends and I want to develop this kind community
  10. I missed to play the previous patch. I need to get back in track. Carry on with the updates!!!
  11. I wish that they would live at least to 80...
  12. I never really used Caberjacks I agree with the fact that melee/range is not balanced.
  13. Thx! Try to update as much as you can... especially the MC Black screen crash bug. It is a pain to play in windowed mode.
  14. hey I am a graphic/web designer! How dare you curse me!
  15. Acheron, ehehe don't worry, if the game doesn't suit me perfectly, I betted on a game and just didn't get out as I wished, is not a big deal. Simply I will play less than expected. Or if you wish I can play for you the tactical side of it while you manage the management Yes... Asirrelle... too many diagonals. It is an exaggeration in the ui, I would have preferred something a bit more "grid aligned"
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