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  1. This is coming a little late to this discussion, but would it be possible to make posts like the OP also on Kickstarter - I just don't always have access to the Internet in order to go on forums, but when I have the Kickstarter automatically send me emails I'm able to keep up to date on developments like the ones shared in this thread. It's a little late in the project, but I know I'd appreciate it if you were able to do this in the future.
  2. Only $100+ backers got their name in the credits. Whoops! I think myself among many others forgot about this considering the project started 2 years ago now
  3. Now that I think about it, Vella is the one who attacks Shay in his space ship - as soon as he warps in, he is seen and under attack. In this way it seems as though Shay has been led into a path where he is collecting possible brides for himself unknowingly. It is perhaps what the Mom has planned for Shay - an arranged marriage with one of these maidens. It is perhaps Marek+Mom working together to make Shay think he is working on his own - both of them worked together to trick Shay into "saving" those "beasts". Either way, I just got all excited again. Now I really wish this had been released as one package in April, but as long as Part 2 comes out on schedule, I think I'll be okay with the wait. Like I said, hopefully Act 2 is longer, harder, and more dense to deliver on the conclusion to this fun adventure that has been the Double Fine Adventure! (Hope this game does well enough to garner another adventure game from Tim.)
  4. Took me about 3-4 hours of light play as well - hopefully Act 2 is longer and harder, because I'd hate for this game to end so soon!
  5. I wasn't there either, not under "O" or "Ø"...It's sort of fine by me though. Getting my name on a good game isn't that important to me. Eh, I'm not in there either. Worse things have happened to me. ;-) Ya, I even took screencaps of my segment, but couldn't find my name in there either.
  6. I think the biggest issue with people being disappointed with the way Act 1 ends and plays is pretty silly at this point in time. This game was and still is designed to be part of a larger whole. In order to do this, there should be a learning curve wherein you start easy and gets harder as you go along. While it would be understandable for you to be unsatisfied with the game as it is now, not until Part 2 will we know for sure if the game meets anyone's expectations. We don't know how long or hard the second act will be, but if it's a little longer and harder I'm sure most people's opinions will change: either from liking it to hating it, or vice versa (or somewhere in between). As with most things, the ending is paramount!
  7. Every single time I clicked it, it gave me the same error, but I haven't tried leaving the area and coming back, and I didn't make a save there, so I'll try going back later and I'll give you an update then.
  8. "Warning: Airlock..." Another instance where I noticed the text going off-screen.
  9. Just got my Humble Bundle URL a little while ago through email - good to go
  10. So this should mean about 1pm EST, right? I forgot to qualify what time I was basing that on
  11. Considering that the time on the Double Fine forums should be in PST at the default settings, the game keys should be out sometime in the next hour or two for more people. Even still, I haven't seen my key yet either, so I guess I'll have to keep my eyes open for the next hour and a bit.
  12. It's been a long time since I looked at the platforms, so can somebody give me a quick run down of all the devices in that picture? One of them looked like the Blackberry Playbook, but that's not Android. (Just got one recently, so I was hoping that just maybe a version of that was being made on the side.)
  13. I know these are prototypes, but in the future, could there be visual setting with these games, none of them really run on my computer with the way they have been handled (in terms of graphic fidelity). All of them look really cool for what I've played of them though.
  14. - A "scary" amusement park (w/ roller coasters and fun houses - A convention of some kind - SPACE! - A world that is connected to ours, but has weird abstract characters - In a computer land, where the characters get "digitized" and look all pixelly like the old adventure games - more like a brief cameo - Brief visual "cameos" from previous games you made - Elizabethan England - Some sort of cottage area - A goofy played serious/laid back wild west setting - A small town fishing village - Some other cool places full of cool stuff in it - maybe a setting with words in it instead of characters, but that you animate (almost like a world where initials are people but animated and stuff
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