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  1. Need to know if when we get closer to the physical kickstarter backer rewards if an email will be sent out to update our address to receive them. Thanks in advance!
  2. How do I change my address to receive my boxed copy of the game and such or will they ask for our information again?
  3. Blade Runner was an EXCELLENT game... Though I never cared for the movie.
  4. Sorry but only reason that time it was pixelated was because of computer power. Now it is a way to save money because you don't need to make high rez textures. I know, I'm aware... That's why when I seen the way Full Throttle 2 was going to look I wasn't nearly as upset to hear it was cancelled.
  5. The art is nice and all but I'm not gonna lie, I would have rather seen this game feel retro ish/pixilated. Gemini Rue for example is a new game using an old engine that "feels right".
  6. Was just a question... I wasn't saying I'd be mad if they didn't.
  7. Any chance in that Double Fine will be doing the whole Kicking It Forward like Fargo started up? I think its a great idea to help out the little guys projects, who knows, maybe one of them will be the next Tim Schafer or Ron Gilbert.
  8. Gemini Rue!!!! Oh and they are doing HD versions of Leisure Suit Larry 1-7 which is awesome...
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