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  1. I plopped another $30 in the tip jar. Episode 7 was far too good of a bit of unintentional(?) advertisement for giving a little bit more. All it needs is some Sarah McLachlan. MUST SAVE DOUBLE FINE GAMES WITH SMALL DONATIONS, prevent Tim from having to sell the family farm, etc. I also think that seeing how awesome the game has started to look as its been progressing has given me ample cause to keep contributing.
  2. I love this, 2PP do some really excellent documentary work (I loved them with the Penny Arcade stuff too). I also have to say that what Tim said during that kickstarter closing video really resonated with me. As someone who spends a lot of time with his head in the clouds watching Ted talks about "the future", there's definitely this sense that I get that our culture is transforming and moving away from one in which these big monolithic entities dictate the media we consume, where everyone is forced to have the same homogeneous, prepackaged junk that's engineered for mass appeal, and where Arrested Development gets canceled. We are starting to see a technology-catalyzed shift in society wherein individuals can interface directly with the artists and content producers that they admire, where they don't have to passively wait for things they want to be produced so they can buy them but they can say "I want to see this made", and I think that this gives people who have a love for art and entertainment the ability to support the artists and entertainers they adore on an unprecedented level. There's suddenly a sense in which the little guy matters. Maybe it is the case that this whole kickstarter thing is just a fad, and honestly maybe the double fine adventure game won't end up working out in the end, but ten, twenty, thirty years down the line I think that the way we do things is in for a massive, massive restructuring.
  3. We prefer the term "creativity enhancers".
  4. I'm playing Psychonauts all the way through for the first time. This game is amazing. Seriously, I've barely played any games before that could make me laugh out loud, much less do so consistently, but this game is hilarious!
  5. This has a lot more to do with the nature of video game developers than it has to do with the nature of females. Why wouldn't this be a great game to start having a funny female main character? Only if it's made by a female. Last I checked, which is often, and secretly, Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert have male genitalia. If Tina Fey wakes up one day and decides she wants to make The Adventures Of Menopause the video game, starring herself, Alec Baldwin, Amy Poehler, and a male romantic interest way too attractive for her, then whatever, man. But, as it is, the games industry has no proven funny ladies. Again, this is totally absurd. Why does it take a woman to write for/understand a woman? Where do people get this notion that men only relate to men and women only relate to women and if you want to write a good character it has to be the same sex/gender as you? People write good characters that are nothing like themselves all the time, and it's possible to be a man and write a female character who is just like you, or be a woman and write a male character who is just like you. You have a very narrow definition of what a woman has to be like, or what kind of jokes she has to be involved in. Humor concerning a lady does not have to be lady-based humor; the majority of humor concerning male characters has nothing to do with what he's packing in his pants.
  6. This has a lot more to do with the nature of video game developers than it has to do with the nature of females. Why wouldn't this be a great game to start having a funny female main character?
  7. Honestly I thought the whole cat bit was really contrived. There's way better ways to incorporate quantum mechanics into puzzles, and ones that would've fit better with the plot theme. Was anyone else really pissed that the T. Rex wasn't a romanceable character? I think that ultimately it was upsetting that all the romance options were limited to mammals and household appliances.
  8. Machinarium is really high up on my list of favorite games of all time. I also really enjoyed Tales of Monkey Island, though a large part of that was how I really enjoyed paying for it once and then getting a new episode free to download every once in a while. Made it so there was always something to look forward to.
  9. I generally agree with the OP, and I think it's important to nip this in the bud early. As much as I like posturing about what the game should be like, ultimately DF has a much better idea of what goes into a good game, and I know that a lot of online communities get extremely derisive and entitled. On the other hand, so far everyone has seemed really civil, and you have to look at the audience here: these are a bunch of people who pledged money for a game they don't even know the setting or any details whatsoever about yet. There could be a high chance of them feeling entitled based on their donations, but at the same time these are people who are on the whole pretty generous and fundamentally trust DF to make a good game. You just don't shell out the big bucks for a game you've seen nothing about to a person you don't trust, so we know that all the backers believe that DF knows how to make a game, and so I think it's less likely that they're going to get derisive when DF starts making decisions that the backer wouldn't have because the backer knows that DF knows what they're doing. I really love this idea. I think DF should recognize that they have an army of free labor here for any tiny little thing they want done that doesn't require an awful lot of expertise or organization. I'm probably not wrong in assuming that among the backers there are a ton of people aspiring to the video game industry who might have skills that would help a lot in little ancillary tasks like making ads, and even more people who wouldn't mind doing some work promoting the game.
  10. The things I like about DF games are absolutely tied to their originality. Look at games like Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, and Brutal Legend: They are all made specifically to be something you have never seen before. Likewise I want this game to be something I have never seen before. So I don't want something that is just set in a genre. Does the world need another game that sticks to sci-fi or fantasy tropes? Let's see something totally new, let's see a setting that we have never seen before. Make the game about a Tibetan monk going on a spirit journey, or about a group of clowns who have to save a circus, or a rough n' tumble alpaca on the mean streets of Peru. The game is going to throw back to old video games in the mechanics and style, let's see it wildly diverge from old video games in plot and setting.
  11. I just wanted to pop in to say: I really want the main character to be female. There's a serious dearth of female main characters in gaming that aren't just sexualized eye-candy, and I understand that it's due to the desire to appeal to a predominantly male audience, but why shouldn't companies be attempting to bring more women in? I personally know a lot of ladies who feel disenfranchised by an industry that doesn't appear to want to appeal to them. They'd be playing a lot more video games if it wasn't for the fact that the masculinity of characters is played up over the sorts of traits that should appeal to all gamers. It's also a little insulting that there's this assumption that male players wouldn't be able to identify with a female main character. There's this image of men and women as these completely stereotyped sets of traits when the truth is that any given guy probably has just as much in common/different with most women as he does most other men, even taking differing naughty bits into account. I can tell you that even on a purely physical level as a dude I have a lot more in common with Chell from Portal than I do with Dom from Gears of War (absurd muscle mass accounts for a lot). I identify much more strongly with Jennifer Hale's portrayal of Commander Shepard than Mark Meer's. So why don't we go ahead and have a lady for the main character this time around?
  12. I'll be honest I'm a little surprised this is so controversial!
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