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  1. Yes make them public doesn't make sense to keep private. Read only seems silly if there is more to discuss on a topic. They should all be merged together. It would be cool if they could be tagged in some way as original backer form post. Brett
  2. I prefer vertical. Without a reference to graphics it is hard to comment on which would be better.
  3. One of the main reasons I wanted the documentary was for my son, who is 12 and very interested in game development. I figured it would be a great way for him to see an inside view of what goes into building games. By opening it up, it would provide others that same opportunity which I believe could be a good benefit. As far as it showing to others what went into the game the truth about its development, I don't think it make much difference there. Mostly because haters are going to hate, there's not much that can be done about that. Opening it up for more positive reasons will have a more positive outcome. As a backer, I am fine with it being released to the public. Cheers, Brett Slaski
  4. It shows me more proof that a reality TV show based on game or animated movie development could be a really big hit. I mean if the Ace of Cakes can bring in viewers you know a talent like Shaffer surely can. There just seem to be a strong interest in design and development of creative stuff. I think the idea has merit. Agree, disagree?
  5. Yes, I should learn to read more closely before commenting.
  6. Pixel hunting just sucks, drives me nuts. I remember not being able to finish a few games because I did not find a pixel way in the beginning which was to an item I needed. Takes the fun out of it. The fun should be in solving the puzzles, not finding the screw under the blade of grass.
  7. I have always wondered when we would get to the point where there is free-form response dialog, where you are not having to choose between 4 or 5 sentences, but create and enter your own response. Perhaps that's just too much work for the gamer... Talk about interactive.
  8. That is true that could work. In whatever form it may take, do you think this would be a useful feature of the game? Thank you for commenting, Brett
  9. Yes, I very much agree with that. Thank you for the comment.
  10. Hence why an optional feature for those who would like to use it. The whole idea behind this thread was syncing your between different platforms you may play on. The internet was just suggest as a medium to do so.
  11. Steam would be a great launching platform for the game. I wonder if they plan on distributing from Steam? Though steam will not do much for IoS or consoles. I shouldn't be a huge ordeal to stand up their own servers for this, being cloud based (EC3, etc.) or otherwise.
  12. Some form of an an online application which your register your device's game to, with your credentials, to sync them up. I don't see setting up an online account for this is that invasive, as long as it isn't mandatory. If you want cross-device saves you need an online account to sync them with. Each installed game will have a serial number or perhaps a GUID to uniquely identify itself. There should be a page to see which devices you have registered to your account and be able to easily remove them if desired. Part of the settings page in the game can have a "cloud sync" or some other name (I really don't like the word cloud for the Internet, though I think I am becomming the minority on this). It would have to explain were to go to setup the account, unless it can be done through the game initially. Once the users credentials are added the game willl sync itself with that account. Probably a good idea to have an auto-sync option (checkbox). I could imagine people only wanting to sync when they say so, and others wanting it on a regular basis. Hey, this sounds fun, can I program it?
  13. It is absolutely possible. I think it more if it's something they really want to do and if the game play experience/story is the same across platforms.
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