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  1. After the update i'm still having this issue. Both characters still start at the beginning and my autosave thumbnail shows the initial split screen, i'm hoping vella didn't get autosaved to the beginning of her world
  2. Title screen watercolor

    Hey guys, i loved everything i saw of the prototype and i was wondering who did the title screen and credits watercolors? They look so amazing and i'd love to check out more by whoever did them
  3. Redbot's Reboot Official Thread

    There will definitely be different ways to solve a scenario. You could use the environment or other robots in creative ways. Also I was thinking about a mode where you could pick up special commands that you can then use in later levels. The goal is to feature exploration over brute forcing... :-) Thanks for the tip I have to check that game out. Sounds awesome best of luck!
  4. Redbot's Reboot Official Thread

    In the latest professor layton game (Miracle Mask) there's a turn based robot minigame where you have to get him past obstacles and to a goal. If you haven't seen it i'd recommend youtubing it, but anyways, do you think there'd be any possibility of having multiple solutions to each area that you traverse? Or would this be more strict and only allow one possible solution?
  5. Question for the artists: what were some of the mediums they used?
  6. oh man i want to see way more peter chan stuff, his stuff doesn't get enough exposure on the internet
  7. -The dusty attic of a grandparent's house, filled with trunks full of old wonderous things -Inside a watch
  8. DFA Game Club: DOTT

    you should livestream it while you play!