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  1. Tomorrow night, 5/11, I'll be streaming Psychonauts on the front page of Twitch.tv from 7:30-9:30 PST. My steams are usually quite small in viewership so this will be a crazy amount of chat interaction for me. If anyone is free to tune in tomorrow night, I could use all the friendly faces I can get! Hope to see you guys in chat! Twitch.tv/8ighty6ix
  2. Looking super fun guys! I'll try to get a build running to check out today if things calm down at all
  3. Hey, thanks for checking out the project! I'm realizing it's probably not going to be easy for people to find five friends to play with. For this reason, I'm considering having the prototype support 2v2 teams or possibly just having 1 player be able to control the entire team. Overall, a lot of the games mechanics aren't going to function as well without multiple users being involved but I think supporting a prototype where someone only needs to find one friend to play with is reasonable. I pictured the character select/team building process to be similar to a MOBA. Player 1 from Team A would pick their character, then Team B would have their first and second players choosing two characters, followed by two players from Team A picking their last two characters for the team, and finishing with Team B picking the final character. In a larger roster version of this game, the point of this would be to build a team comp while trying to counter pick your opponents choices. In regards to the AF music at the end of our AF vids, that was a music cue I composed for the Constellations activity in Kinect Party! I couldn't find it anywhere online either. I'll talk to some people about possibly hosting it somewhere for listening purposes
  4. Thanks for the interest! I've been competing at EVO every year since 2009. I actually did well for once this year (finally) getting in the top 500 out of 5000 players in Street Fighter V. Definitely my favorite event of the year <3 I'm hopeful that a few non-disruptive abilities will keep them focused but ideally the time between waiting to play wouldn't be very long. I pictured this being a best of 5 rounds style game where defeating all team members would be considered 1 Round Won. This is a lot of the data I'd need to figure out from a prototype. The hope would be that you're never waiting too long to play, but your actual playtime feels lengthy enough. The part of fighting games that's so fun is the adaptation to another player in real time. I wouldn't want to lose that due to short gameplay length per user. I love brainstorming about this concept so if anyone has any cool ideas they want to discuss, I'm all ears!
  5. Fighting games tend to be some of the more difficult games to do well. For that reason I planned on keeping the combat very simple. The new-ish game Pocket Rumble is a great example of simple controls with semi-deep gameplay. Here's a mockup of what controls might look like: In terms of team abilities, these could really be anything. The only rule is that they shouldn't disrupt the main match Heals, buffs, debuffs, etc. Abilities that help keep the background players involved without interrupting the battle between the foreground players. Emotes could be great too. Just lots of fidgety tools for background players so they don't get bored, though game length would be fast enough to keep them entertained I imagine. When a player dies in a round, they go to the background but are not in-active. If they were first up for example, they would still have their background ability to use once they get knocked out of the foreground. Hope this answered your questions! Thanks for checking out the project.
  6. Thanks for the interest everyone. I'm not at a computer at the moment but I'll go into more detail on this first thing tomorrow when I have a better device to type on.
  7. Thanks for checking out my pitch! I'm a long time fighting game competitor in the Street Fighter franchise and am insanely passionate about spreading the good word of fighting games! Ask any and all questions/concerns/ideas with me here and I'll be glad to chat!
  8. Whoa, this is awesome! Fantastic work <3
  9. So resourceful! I hadn't thought to audition the libraries on Youtube but that seems even more time consuming than scanning through the actual libraries. The library you cited is $325.00 USD for something we'd need a few sounds from and wouldn't need again so you can see how that could add up.
  10. Howdy! As Spaff said, we didn't have any archived versions of the uncompressed SFX. I went through thousands of sounds, across dozens of classic audio libraries, trying to track down a 1:1 match for the classic sounds. There were a handful of sounds I couldn't find and that's where I needed to remake them. Regarding allowing the use of classic SFX entirely, we opted not to use them since they sound awful when compressed and the differences were minor. That being said, it is unfortunate that we couldn't recover the uncompressed SFX, as that's what we all would have preferred. Than you for supporting the game and for your detailed devotion to DOTT!
  11. It's also an easter egg in Broken Age with the Hexipals
  12. These were edge cases but one that I distinctly recall is a vocal gibberish that Peter McConnell recorded at his desk. I'm actually still pushing to see if Peter wants to redo it himself
  13. Hey guys! I've been handling all the audio/music content creation for Day of the Tentacle Remastered and it's been a really challenging and rewarding journey! We didn't actually recover uncompressed versions of the SFX (just the voice recordings were recovered) but as Monkey Mania says, most of them are in commercial libraries that we already owned so we were able to get uncompressed versions of those matched to the source versions. There were a handful of SFX that were custom recorded that needed be redone, and a handful of SFX who's source versions in the SFX libraries were already too compressed. In the case of SFX that had no high quality version, I redesigned them as best as I could to match the original comedic timbre. Hope this answers your question!
  14. I will give you a hint on that one: It's not wind. It's farts, Mog Chothra is powered by farts confirmed Now, I'm not saying you're right, but I will say this was very dangerous to record. Let's just say it involved Paul O'Rourke, a stepladder, and the right timing. Aaaaaand this is the downside to having creative freedom. It also may have technically been wind...
  15. Busy indeed! Hope you guys like what you hear. Can't wait for you guys to get your hands on the game!
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