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  1. I turned it into an .mp3 and i tried to attach it but it wouldn't, so the rest of you will have to do it yourself.
  2. Brilliant! Thanks heaps. Now i'll just kissyoutube it.
  3. I was recently playing the fine game Brutal Legend when i came across some buried metal. It turned out to be the song "Girlfriend" by Kabbage Boy. It is my understanding that this particular song was created especially for the wonderful game Brutal Legend and I now realise that there is an entire song out there, just waiting to be heard. I then googled it up and could not find a copy of it for my computer at all. I know that the song was terrible, but it was also funny because it was terrible on purpose. anyway, i was just wondering if any form of that song (preferably a full form) was available to download/purchase anywhere. Also, I think that a soundtrack of Brutal Legend should be released. It could be called Brutal LPegend. or if an album of the heavy metal music featured in the game is too much to ask (due to publishing/copyright,) a cinematic score should be released definitely. there is no excuse to not release the cinematic score as it was all composed the extraordinary Peter McConnell and i would assume that Double Fine owns the rights to such music.
  4. I was recently playing through the excellent game Psychonauts again in the lead up to Brutal Legend and i noticed something that i have never noticed before, and i thought to myself "i wonder if anybody else has noticed this strange phenomenon?" I felt quite special at the time for noticing it. Anyway, the thing that i noticed was in the collective unconscious. I found a floating sign that read "Your Name Here" It was outside the main ring and i had to levitate and then float to be able to read it. See if you can find it and possibly even take a picture of it, or perhaps you already have and i am way behind the times. either way, i was still proud of it, and if it means absolutely nothing then so be it. but if there is some kind of reward involved...
  5. cheers. the dimensions are 1680 x 1050 (iMac) it'd be great if you could do that for me.
  6. I'm Just Wondering how anybody would stumble across this.
  7. These Are Nice. Great Job. Do You Think You Could Fix It Up So It Tiles? I've Got A Large Screen And A Lot Of Tiling Wallpapers.
  8. this pic is taken from a screenshot of the df website. you can probably see it in the background now. anyway, if you tile it on your desktop, it will remind you of df, but maybe you don't want to be reminded of it...
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