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  1. Good thread idea... but my position doesn't fall into any of the poll's options. I'm totally fine with giving other people access to EVERYTHING the first tier backers have access to, but at a slightly higher price.
  2. I'd charge 20$ for this special "second chance" thing. It wouldn't be such a big deal for those who didn't get on the boat at first, and the people payed who backed the project during the Kickstarter funding would have benefited from some kind of low price.
  3. I just finished watching the first episode and this is great. It is kinda sad that we have to wait some more time until the next episode, I would have watched 3 hours of this. (oh well... I guess I'll watch the first episode over and over then, as I did with the pitch video ) **I also agree that subtitles could be a nice addition.
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