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  1. Last update: with the new episode on July 9th (a little less than a month ago) Update before that: May 30th (so a little more than a month) So... about once a month, at the moment, then. Or once in a regular moon. Not anymore huh? I want to use expletives ... a lot of them ... DF has been a huge disappointment these days...
  2. As the subject states. I have a couple issues I'd like to report, but I see no easy way to do so. Did I miss a post somewhere or is there no real way to draw attention to these problems...?
  3. Just thought I'd add my "me too". Running Debian Wheezy with a quad AMD and a GTX 460. Spanks!
  4. Going on two months since the last episode was released. Is the money running out?
  5. I hate being a negative nanny and I really do love DF and 2PP, but please attempt to stay on schedule once you've announced one, it's my only connection to this community right now, as I believe that the best decisions are left to those who fondle it best (ie, make an effin' cool game). The episodes allow me to peer into a company that I never knew existed before the kickstarter, to he honest I thought Tim and Ron ended up where most celebrities end up... Drinking homebrews under the Golden Gate, lamenting about their most glorious past. I now know different and am enamored with Double Fine. Now I can peek in and compare your developers, artists and secretaries against mine! Don't take that away from me... Or is it some sort of conspiracy to get us all hooked and somehow inflate your stats based on website visits per day due to the suspense created by promising and not really sticking to giving us what we hooked nobodies need? I need a hit. I need another Episode. Is anyone listening? (Blame, conspiracy theory and substance abuse.. check)
  6. Someone lost the code at lunchtime. Chimpanzees are hard at work recreating the code as we speak....
  7. Constantly refreshing your forums can't be all that swell for the bandwidth bill. Think of the kittens!
  8. Damn you! Now you made me get lost in the internet again! Nice vid, always inspirational...
  9. A simple post as to why it's delayed, or even not that much, an update as to when they expect the next episode would suffice... It's really getting to me... and I'm a grown boy... it shouldn't. Have I joined a cult?
  10. One question. Do you collect the pens you have actually emptied while writing? I do, and I tell you it's an amazing feeling. Though my empty pen collection is quite small.
  11. And now for something completely different. Is it bad that I'm watching kicktraq and not pledging because it's forecasting that the trend will end up $4000 shy of the linux port? I think so.
  12. Adventure games could possibly require high performance platforms solely based on design decisions. One could argue that SCI, AGI or SCUMM all required a decent amount of horsepower for their times. In the case of AGI, that's not really arguable since I remember it running LSL1 just fine on my Compaq Luggable. The point is that there is a fine line between chewing up time reinventing the wheel and building a good solid foundation that you can reuse. All of those old scripting systems were made from scratch (SCI based off of AGI ofc) and they were successfully reused for many many games. The point you're making is correct, a decent platform to build on can simply be wrapped by tools and scripting to make your asset crew more productive. Much like wrapping templates around a website. Let your creative people fly with what they do best and the underlying engine is someone else's problem. Though Java has always left a bitter taste in my mouth, the legal aspects and the overall sluggish performance kept it out of the realm of possibility for any projects I've taken on with the team. My problems with it can all be boiled down to the interpreter being a resource pig, if you have a Java-like language that you understand then that's a bonus. Then it's only syntax because what you're saying (or what I'm gleaning) is that the interpreter for the Unreal3 engine is a better one than the native one that everyone gets to enjoy. My fears were simply unfounded as I did not know... or understand or have the opportunity to understand from the website what Moai really is/was. I had no intention on insulting DF for their choice by suggesting that they don't know how to code. I simply did not want a game that was unable to stand on its own.
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