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  1. Anyone who ever had thoughts about designing a game should watch Extra Credits. The way things seem to work out right now is: name drop = money. If you're a proven player in the field, you can get your game funded. I hope all of this increases the appreciation for individuals in the gaming industry. There's a lot of untapped talent out there, looking for a chance.
  2. Your thread title is already factually correct, why write such a short post about this?
  3. Your thread title is already factually correct, why write such a long post about this?
  4. From what we've seen, I'm absolutely sure they have already shot for a lot more than 20 minutes of presentable video. There's already a lot of footage no-one has seen. When the time comes, I'm sure 2 Player Productions can't wait to re-cut all the extra stuff into a comprehensive whole.
  5. Great stuff, I'm happy to be part a part of this. The emotion covering all of this definitely came through. The only problem I could find is, that I found it a bit hard to figure out when exactly everything was taking place. There were a lot of short interviews and other bits and pieces. I would have liked some subtitles like '2 weeks before kickstarter' or something, to place those various shots in some kind of order. Then again, I've been leaning heavily on a bottle of GROG while waiting to watch this. Could be just me getting confused.
  6. Yes, it is all in my head. That's kind of the point I'm making. There is nothing in the game itself to make the difference. It's just that I, personally, had a different experience playing through the game as a male opposed to a female. Is this in everyone's head? I don't know, I'm not everyone's head. That would be weird and slightly gross. Anyway, if you don't see a difference there, I guess that you are less sexist than I am. Also, if you have any interest in 80-90's TV sci-fi space operas, play Mass Effect 2. It's highly derivative, but in a good way. Skip the first one, though. The crummy combat makes it not worthwhile.
  7. Chzo Mythos. Corrected. Please don't bring the
  8. Anyone badmouthing AGS should play through the Chzo Mythos adventure games first. Start right here: http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/5days/
  9. I've been playing through L.A. Noire. There are many things for adventure game designers to take notice in this game. All of you adventure fans: play this game. It's good. It's a shame what happened to Team Bondi, I hope the good people there landed on their feet.
  10. Oh come on, seriously. Multi-million dollar difference? Why not say multi-billion-quadrillion dollar difference? I'm just saying that I think it would take a couple of more millions of dollars to meet the goals proposed in this thread. It's just a hunch based on my experience, I totally could be wrong.
  11. Here's a good one: 'I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream' by The Dreamers Guild. The nuclear war is over. There are only 5 people left alive in the world. Not willingly, though... the computer that conducted the war keeps them alive for torture. I'll just quote AM, the computer: "HATE. LET ME TELL YOU HOW MUCH I'VE COME TO HATE YOU SINCE I BEGAN TO LIVE. THERE ARE 387.44 MILLION MILES OF PRINTED CIRCUITS IN WAFER THIN LAYERS THAT FILL MY COMPLEX. IF THE WORD HATE WAS ENGRAVED ON EACH NANOANGSTROM OF THOSE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF MILES IT WOULD NOT EQUAL ONE ONE-BILLIONTH OF THE HATE I FEEL FOR HUMANS AT THIS MICRO-INSTANT FOR YOU. HATE. HATE."
  12. I don't see any differences between producing music for video games, opposed to producing music for other avenues. All the sound libraries I've worked with will eat any reasonable codec, no need for special treatment. Send sound data to the lib function -> sound comes out of speakers. Making good music and programming video games are two separate skills. If you want to go for both, cool.
  13. I hate to be the naysayer, but this is unlikely to happen. I have nearly 20 years of professional programming experience, and this is my gut feel: There's a solid difference between a game engine that's built to handle all the stuff thrown at it by an in-house creative team, and a game engine that can handle all the stuff thrown at it by all the adventure fans in the world. A multimillion dollar difference. Concentrate on the adventure, an adventure toolkit can have its own kickstarter.
  14. Shepard is a very interesting character in this respect. The character has to be kind of asexual by game design: both femshep and heshep (i love those terms to death btw) have to go through the same storyline, and have to choose from the same set of choices and actions. Yet the way we perceive those choices and actions varies with the gender of the hero. A good example is when Shepard punches the inquisitive reporter in the face. For me, the male Shepard seemed more aggressive, like 'I just need this bastard to shut up right about now, and this will accomplish that'. The female Shepard was more like 'Are you serious? Show me some goddamn respect'. This is, of course, just my personal experience. But I'm certain I'm not the the only one seeing these differences, and I think good story telling should take them into account.
  15. Oooh, this reminds me of an absolutely great scene in the adventure game 'The Moment of Silence' by House of Tales. It has a kind of a slow-burn government conspiracy plot, that goes from 'oh, a SWAT team raided my neighbour, I guess I should look into this' to 'OH GOD AGENTS ARE AFTER MY ASS'. The scene I'm talking about is when the main character is on the run, and suddenly realizes that the government agents are tracking him through his futuristic cellphone. He throws the phone away, and escapes. After that, the game just dumps you into a familiar area near your home. The thing is, that pretty much everything in the near-future world the game takes place in, is activated with the phone. It's an important game mechanic, and it's kind of terrifying to realize just how deep in crap you are after losing it. You can't even enter your own apartment without it. I love it when villains mess with the way you interact with the game like that.
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