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  1. I liked the game but enjoyed the 2PP videos much more so which is weird because I like eating sausage more than seeing how it's made.
  2. I'm going to flip a coin, and then choose the opposite ;p
  3. I want one where a hero dies of dysentery.
  4. I donated $69.420 (you don't normally see that extra decimal but it is there math has proven) and have all the rights and more to proudly display my contribution. Maybe we should all read the 1st amendment sometime just my six thousand, nine hundred and forty-two point zero cents.
  5. $15. To me the game will be worth about $10 and the documentary should be entertaining.
  6. My favorite part about the game is when the game didn't get made for some inexplicable reason
  7. Information will find a way to leak - Unless we create an even more secret forum to this one and even more iterative forums once information leaks from that.
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