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  1. hey guys post more im bored

    Everyone is fat.
  2. What would you do-o-o-oo. For a Kevin Bruner bar. [toilet flush noise]
  3. I think Indy V will be good. Spielberg didn't even want to do IV, but now he has something to prove, and Tintin was incredible.
  4. It's one of the best scenes in sci-fi film. And yeah, Ready Player One is a really well-made movie I'll probably never watch again because I just don't like the concept. And no Monkey Island reference? Pfft. Come on.
  5. That's what I thought. I'm glad you see it MY way.
  6. hey guys post more im bored

    I've decided to play a new game. It's called Spot the Jerkhole. In this game, I freeze frame studio audiences from different episodes of talk shows and try to spot the most obvious piece of crap frickin' jerkhole in the audience. Today's jerkhole is brought to you by Jimmy Fallon. Ah yeah. You just know that gringo is a frickin' jerkhole.
  7. hey guys post more im bored

    Yeah but George Straight goes to sleep at night wrapped up in a Confederate flag.
  8. Go watch Ready Player One and you'll come back begging Villeneuve in tears for more.
  9. To each his own. It did the opposite for me. I thought it was insanely emotive and nightmarish, actually. Just not the sort of world we want to live in, and one we're moving all too close to.
  10. hey guys post more im bored

    Said Brett. Baby, WRITE THIS DO-OWN. Why, yes, I do hate this song.
  11. Losing his ego, I feel, would probably be the death of his existence to him. I don't think I'm giving the film more credit than it deserves, mainly because a lot of great sci-fi lets you fill in the blanks. I'm a genius and intellectually brilliant, so therefore I fill in the blanks in a way that makes the movie smarter.
  12. I don't think it was sequel baiting. Leto lost. He didn't get what he wanted. That's all Villeneuve was interested in with him I think. It was the death of his ego.
  13. The scene between Deckard and Jared Leto's character was it for me. Ford really put in the acting and that scene is rough stuff. I also really like the Elvis scene.
  14. It still sticks in my head, though most of what does most vividly is everything Harrison Ford had to work with.
  15. hey guys post more im bored

    That's the best thing I've read today.