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  1. I beat your level too hot, both from above and below the wall. Here's my latest creation. It's a bit hard to explain, so try it! Then try to beat it again under the time limit without using the checkpoint - it's even more fun! Moving Wall Hugging Challenge F61D-0000-0179-8113
  2. so like do you have to hook yourself onto the edge of the bullet bill cannons? because it seems unpossible to jump from the other side. lol i give up Here's a hint:
  3. Thanks for sharing buckysrevenge! Oh hey look, a fun bouncy level with no enemies! Ashley's Bumper Ride 4A06-0000-012D-1C09
  4. Seriously, nobody has beaten BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND LEVITATE yet? C'mon guys! New level! It's the same challenge in loop, progressively harder each time. Difficulty Curve A629-0000-0123-DB95
  5. Three new levels!! First, a one-screen challenge: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND BE PROUD D682-0000-0116-E538 Second, a very hard puzzle: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND LEVITATE 973F-0000-0117-25A7 And finally, an easy level with a corrupted aesthetic: Lost Super Mario Bros. Prototype 4F6B-0000-0117-BE0A
  6. Oh, I think I failed to mention this, sorry about that. The sprites data is stored in DirectDraw Surface (DDS) format and compressed in GZip (GZ) format. I've been using 7-Zip and NVIDIA's Windows Texture Viewer to view the data. The files are all stored in the Win/Munged directory. The ALttP sprites are in Win/Munged/Characters/Placeholder/Hero/Hero1.dds.gz
  7. Well... yes and no. Even for mods that don't attempt to overwrite the same file, there's no guarantee that the compiler you use will generate assembly code close enough to the original for them.
  8. Not a bad tutorial! Here are some improvements I would like to point out. First. Lua for Windows has moved to GitHub. (Google Code will stop existing soon.) Second, this technique makes mods incompatible with other mods that edits the same files. Code injection is preferable to allow that, even though it's not as easy. (Not that there's a lot of other mods right now, but it's always something good to consider.)
  9. Exit points are defined in the onInit() method of each room if I remember correctly. Actually, I don't remember what MachineRoom is, or if it's even loadable. I don't think it's fixable. Opening the chest calls CentralForest.onChargePuzzleTreasureChestOpened() which does not contain branching instructions, and CentralForest only has 3 other methods that are already called in normal gameplay. This is defined in LabRuins.onInit(). The upgraded password is "wizardrulez". I was about to say that. P.S.: Skimmed through the DDS files today to check for unused content, and found some Link sprites from A Link to the Past in a placeholder folder. Whoops!
  10. Congratulations for beating the game! Here's the original research thread on Ida and the magic lamp. I suggest you dig into this forum and the Steam forums. There's lots of really cool stuff that people found out about the game, including a secret room which has yet to be cracked, figuring out how to beat the game in 7 minutes and a hidden Act 6 (can't find the thread right now but the info's out there).
  11. Two new levels! First, a single-screen level: Shell → POW Block → Muncher AA48-0000-00EE-97C8 Second, a puzzle-y linear level involving Yoshi and P-switches: Yoshi’s Tongue Has No Mass 19D7-0000-00F5-939B
  12. Oh man, I forgot to post my newest levels here. I made 3 new levels since my last post. One of them broke with v1.20 and is now unbeatable. (If you're curious, it's 70F4-0000-009E-653C). Here are the 2 others: The Badly Repaired Castle 9612-0000-00A4-9476 Cloudy With A Chance of Spinys 5483-0000-00D6-80D4 The latter level is a bit meh in my opinion, but the former has the highest star/plays ratio I ever got so far (23%), so I highly recommend it.
  13. Hey Ryannumber1gamer, I tried some of your levels, but I feel that they lacked creativity. I think you should try experimenting more and find your own style. I'm very proud of my next level. It's a fast-paced classic-style SMB3 swimming level with a small twist: you only have... One Minute Before Drowning!! F611-0000-007B-A868
  14. My next level is designed to be the most deceptive maze ever. It requires a bit of trial and error, but you'll need to use your brains to find the exit. Can you escape... The Mysterious Room? 0360-0000-0071-ED71 (Turning off comments is recommended to avoid spoilers.)
  15. Whoa, he even made a highlight? That's awesome! Thanks again for sharing both ways!
  16. Super Mario Bros. Abridged (7AAC-0000-0058-A94E) SMB: The Lost Levels Abridged (5428-0000-0059-762B) Let me know if you also want a SMB3 Abridged or a SMW Abridged!
  17. That one was great. Even though it was mostly a straight line. And since I don't own the game I made a streamer on Twitch play this. :tf: If you want to see the level get played: http://www.twitch.tv/pewgeminilive/v/16605189?t=161m38s Whoa, awesome! Always cool to see how people react to your design! Also thanks for the praise! It's unfortunate that we don't see KO Luigi on the Dry Bones or Peach riding Bowser on the video, but I'm happy to see that the level got played pretty much the way I intended.
  18. If you ever wanted to murder a bunch of Toads and Luigis, here's your chance! Probably my best level so far. Mario's Murderous Rampage (5016-0000-0049-03A7)
  19. lawl if you stomp the last P-block, not active the Thwomp, then go through the (hammerbros) tube, and you come back out on the other side, the P-block is gone fortunately you can still be the level Actually, the whole point of that pipe is so you can beat the level if you waste the P switch. I made it look like it's a secret, but it's really an emergency exit. If you think that either SMB, SMB3, SMW or NSMBU is worth full price, then yes. -- Anyway, new level! Can you solve this ghost house puzzle? (Answer: probably.) 677A-0000-0045-0BBE - Wrong way
  20. I made an easy level this time. 5A7A-0000-003B-5A03 – Hitting blocks the wrong way
  21. Even though I give you a Super Mushroom right before the chain chomp? That's unfortunate considering you were about 80% done. Thanks for playing it though! Played one level from each of you so far. Those that I didn't star was because of blind jumps. Be careful about that y'all!
  22. There's a lot of bad levels uploaded on the Nintendo servers, and it's hard to find the good levels among them since there's no decent filtering options. So how about we share some of our well-polished levels in this thread to fix this? Those I made so far might not be for everyone's tastes, but they are designed to be original, kind of hard and fair: 7750-0000-001E-151C – Learn an advanced technique! B2A9-0000-0027-6FBE – DON’T CROUCH INSIDE WALLS
  23. This. I'm also strongly against merging with public forums or allowing write access, as it would corrupt the archive. (And no, archiving the original data in a PDF doesn't make sense, since it would be unreadable.)
  24. More Wacom videos about Double Fine: wjJRNYU_EdE LQ152vAluOQ Funnily enough, I stumbled upon those by accident while shopping for an Intuos tablet. That was an unexpected marketing crossover.
  25. Because it doesn't make sense to have achievements for a self-writable hacking game engine. You could simply hack in yourself an "unlock achievement X" command and execute it for all possible achievements. There would be no challenge whatsoever. That said, if you want to challenge yourself, I suggest you try to figure out how to decrypt the secret room after beating the game. Nobody has figured out the solution yet.
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