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  1. Just posting again to express my love for these documentaries. Thanks so much for making them!
  2. I really love these documentary episodes. I am looking forward to playing episode 2 so much, but I think I'm also looking forward to watching the next episode just as much
  3. Steam is downloading a 709 megabyte update for Broken Age - what is this?
  4. Acefox, I think if you stream it that way, you are still going to end up downloading the entire HD file. But you won't be able to keep it.
  5. I can't download the HD videos either. I have been streaming the Vimeo videos in low quality mode, but the stream only works for the most recent video, I can't work out how to stream the older videos
  6. here are some videos that ACMI has put up tim: http://www.acmi.net.au/media/5915/5915.mp4 warren: http://www.acmi.net.au/media/5907/5907.mp4
  7. cool photos! i wish i could buy posters of the grim fandango concept art in the exhibition. george lucas, are you listening?
  8. well that was extremely cool. except for acmi trying to squeeze every last penny out of fans *tries to forget about acmi and focus on how cool it was to meet game master tim and warren and all the backers* also, i wish i read this thread earlier today
  9. I bought my tickets on the Tuesday right after receiving the email from ACMI. The email they sent had a direct link to the page where you can buy tickets (which is why I posted that link here, in the first post)
  10. It's weird, the tickets actually went on sale on the Tuesday (when the email was sent from ACMI), I was surprised that any of the tickets were left by the Thursday (when they were supposed to go on sale)
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