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  1. I'd like it too! The PT-BR voices are absolutely amazing, to this day one of the best brazilian portuguese localizations to a game. It's... just beautiful ;( I mean, !
  2. Yes! My package arrived! \o/ Omg it's so cool *-* EDIT: the button's color is violet, not blue. It actually looks a bit like button #24, but I'm not sure, since its color looks a bit different from mine... But maybe it's the camera, or flash.
  3. Although I didn't receive my DFA package yet, I just received my The Banner Saga rewards! Oh yeah! Luckily it's intact, which is awesome considering that a lot of people have been unlucky with their package :3 Hope I can get my DFA package soon
  4. Yes, the lighting information is already into the texture, and my question is exactly why would they do that when they can use normal maps. With normal maps the lighting could be a lot more realistic, therefore improving the graphics quality and depth of the characters into the environment. With the "gradient shadow" trick they used the depth of the character is already good, but I guess it could be even better with normal/specular maps. And I probably know less than you about these stuff, as you are a freelancer artist (the link on your signature was too attractive, I couldn't not click it! =P) and I'm more of a student game designer than anything else.
  5. Yeah I know, it's a "2D old school adventure", but It is possible to normal maps be applied to textures too, without any 3D models. You can make textures with Photoshop and use a plugin called "ndo", for example. I wonder why they wouldn't use this
  6. Hey guys According to the other art update, there will be no true illumination in the game. Does that mean there will be no textures with normal map/specular map? Do you think this is going to make the game a little bit uglier than it could be?
  8. I haven't received my package here in Brazil yet, neither any confirmation of the package being sent. Hope there's not much trouble, as the delivery services here kinda suck...
  9. Heh. Nine years ago that was the highest resolution of Nighthawks I could find. It shouldn't take too long to remake/rez up. I might get to it one of these days. Nine years? But Psychonauts was released only seven years ago o-o
  10. I don't understand the "amazingness" of this game and how the combat system will work. You'll have to fight every single enemy of the game in some sort of a "Street Fighter" style? This could take long, and it doesn't sound amazing at all... It could be good if you released a gameplay trailer or something. Just remember that Double Fine and inXille got those huge amounts of money without any gameplay videos or concepts because of their key people - Tim Schafer and Brian Fargo, two well-known game developers that shipped out lots of awesome and also well known games. It could help you a lot if you released at least a battle system trailer, because I and lots of other people don't really like to blindly back project. I'm not saying you are not amazing or anything - I just don't know you. So here's the tip: release a video explaining and showing the combat system. Even if it's made of hand drawings simulating a storyboard, it will certainly help us to decided whether this game's ideas are good or not Good luck on your project guys
  11. Hey, have you seen a Kickstarter project called Spriter? It's a program to make animated sprites which doesn't consume that much memory. Here it is: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/539087245/spriter Do you know what technology does this use to consume less memory? I didn't understand much (they don't explain that very well in the video), but in the end I backed the project.
  12. Oh, thanks! It worked fine with Google Chrome. With Opera, however, it shows this annoying message
  13. "The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain. This is a Vimeo Plus feature" I'm offended! =( Well... If you could provide us the URL I would be very happy
  14. Lots of adventure games for a good price. Though I've only played Ben There, Dan That! a few minutes I can say it's funny as hell and worth the money Oh, and you could change this thread's title to grab more attention, so other people can see this
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