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  1. Cheers, but I dont use twitter. I contacted adultswim via http://www.adultswim.com/footer/contact/ and politely asked if there was any info on a GOG release. Havnt received any form of response which is pretty poor. Was hoping perhaps DF would have more luck getting their attention.
  2. Still no news. Any chance someone at DF could request an official response from adultswim regarding a GOG release?
  3. Pester them to take your money here http://www.adultswim.com/footer/contact/
  4. Any news on a GOG release? I may eventually cave and buy it on steam, but GOG would be an instant buy
  5. Yep it's very handy, I mostly use it for chat and screenshots to use as windows wallpapers If you mean to take screenshots of in-game videos then yep the steam overlay works. Both VLC and MPC HC allow you to take a screenshot of video files, although I guess you could also add a media player exe as a 'non-steam game' link steam and use the overlay. MPC HC: | File | Save Image VLC: | Video | Take Snapsot You could likely bind it to a key in the settings also.
  6. The laugh worked for me because it was so awkward and fake. It matched it's later purpose in that it's incredibly obvious that it's insincere/fake when interpreted as a real human laugh, yet is still accepted as genuine. Much like the other items used at the time. You're right though. I'm commenting primarily because it's different when there is really no need for it to be in this instance as the source of the sound in-game is an old toy-grade voice synthesiser (not an abstract sound like many others), which the original lower quality audio can reproduce just fine IMO.
  7. GOG achievements are always nice to have, but I nearly always launch GOG games via steam so I can have the steam overlay for chat etc so I never really see them myself I'll choose a GOG copy over steam any day because I respect their commitment to DRM free distribution.
  8. Thanks Vic, much appreciated. The remaster is brilliant, personally I'm very happy you didnt replace the animations or change the art style to something different, it looks and sounds great and the verb dial is very useful (although having limited options for many interactive objects does simplify the game as you know not to try the other verbs). Regarding maintaining the original animations, is it just me or in the cutscene where Jefferson, Hancock and Washington jump out the window due to the 'fire', do they now 'hang' in the air for less time before falling? I always felt much of the simplicity of the game's animation was for style purposes, not just technical limitations. I need to test against the original game in SCUMMVM when I get home
  9. Yep, this is one of the most memorable sound effects in the game to me, the replacement doesn’t have the same ‘awkwardness’ about it that the original had. The sound is coming from an old voice synthesis box from an inflatable toy, it being ‘low quality’ only makes it more accurate, even in the context of the remaster. An option to have all sounds that couldn’t be tracked down in higher quality use the originals rather than replacements would be great, but I’m sure only a small % of players would even notice so don’t expect it to get priority Edit: Typos
  10. I'm wondering if anyone else would prefer (or at least like the option of) the mouseover text being placed at the bottom of the screen rather than at the mouse cursor location when using auto/dial verbs, aka widescreen. I pre-ordered the remaster from GOG and am very pleased with everything other than the extra-large (with background colour) mouseover text when not using the traditional verb bar. I would very much like to play the remaster in widescreen (having completed the game in 4:3 via SCUMMVM on many platforms over the years), but I really find the text covering parts of the image when moving the cursor around the screen very obtrusive and distracting. It may fit for a touchscreen interface where it's already expected large parts of the screen are obscured for input, but feels very out of place to me when playing on a PC with a large screen and mouse.
  11. Backed as soon as I knew it existed, enjoying watching the total rise. Is there any way to view a live pledge total without refreshing the page? So close to the first million. Edit: There's something very satisfying about seeing the GOG logo nestled between steam and PS4.
  12. I agree. I love the look of the game from the new screenshots, but Bernard's expressions do seem less 'anxious' somehow. As you previously said perhaps it's just my/our own interpretation of the older, less clear, art and imposing visual characteristics based on the delivery of his dialogue etc. Such a little thing but I'm glad others also noted it
  13. So glad that the verb bar is still available, I'm sure that will be how I play through on PC Off topic I know, but do you have any information on what control schemes will be available on the vita? Touchscreens fit point and click games so well in theory, but they basically eliminate 'mouse over' as a means of discovering interactive parts of the scene and your hand is also blocking your view much of the time. I'd be VERY interested in some kind of rear-touchpad 'mouse' input along with the verb bar (and a face button to 'click') on the vita. A relative cursor would probably work better than absolute/1:1 given most people's fingers touch the sides of the rear touchpad just holding the thing. I dont know how well it would work in practice but dammit it'd be enough to get me to buy it on vita as well as PC. Sony seems to love it when devs shoehorn the vita's rather random input methods into games where they clearly had no benefit. This could be awesome (or terrible but optional and non-default), and is something no other platform can offer. Also, everything else you said in that post is awesome
  14. The game currently doest support any devices using a 'Mali' GPU, including the Galaxy Tab S unfortunately (I have a 10.5" version, not compatible). I'm unsure if DF ever plan to add support in an update. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewreply/381742/
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