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  1. - Someone pls update http://doublefine.com/dfa with news of this, I've been checking back there every day and suddenly see this on the forums... - @2PP Cant find any news on Mighty No 9 Documentary.... where oh where.... - Watched every episode like a GoT fan. Sad to see it end. Hope to see more from you guys in the future, go document CIG or something - You guys and Double Fine are a boon to the crowdfunding and game development industry. A lot of kids, consumers, or just people not involved in any kind of computer development think $1M-$10M is a lot of money when honestly simple math shows its very little money in fact for a development team / company based in the US. Overhead costs always taken for granted. - Crowdfunding is allowing developers to create freely without big corporate getting in the way. These videos truly showed the blood, sweat and tears that went into making this game and makes me appreciate the art 100x times more than just being a end consumer. - I want my own team and developers to be like Double Fine even if we are not in game development, culture is what matters and Double Fine has it right!
  2. isnt there any way we can still get in on the Humble Bundle after it ended? Seems people would still want to pay to watch and download and test these amazing prototypes? Like me!
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