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  1. The Lion King episode was interesting and a great watch. As others have said, I love the Mother series, but without including someone involved - like Lindblom or Mother 3 translator Clyde Mandelin - it lacked what made the Lion King video special. I, uh, didn't get far into Gauntlet because they dissed Gauntlet Legends. I love Gauntlet Legends.
  2. It seems to me, from watching the documentaries, that the commercial success of Broken Age is very important to Double Fine.
  3. I'm a big fan of the new control option. Thanks for that.
  4. Why would you post a link to it here on the forum? I know everybody here has bought it anyway, but still.
  5. You're thinking backwards, here. Curse's "Mega Monkey" mode is the full game. Playing the other mode simply removes certain puzzles. In some cases you can even see where they've been solved for you (the plug on the rowboat). Removing is easier than adding. Trying to add things like that in would, I think, feel horribly tacked on in a game like Broken Age where everything is so high-polish.
  6. Personally, I never got completely used to having to drag inventory items. Even toward the end I still found myself trying to click on the item once and then on the thing I'm trying to use it with, because that's what I've always done in adventure games. For me, having to click to bring up the inventory was fine. I just had that one problem (dragging) with the controls.
  7. I didn't switch even once. I played Shay first because I like the "spaceship" setting, it was very appealing to me visually.
  8. Just a data point: Broken Age Act 1 took me three hours flat to beat. I wasn't rushing and did get a little stuck a couple of times in Vella's segment (Shay's was a breeze).
  9. It's possible that all the talk about "sight" could be metaphorical.
  10. I liked the way that this game starts, with the two characters napping on either side of the screen. That was a clever way to present the character selection.
  11. I still thought the game was pretty cool, but I did find the puzzle to be very easy, especially in Shay's segment. I got a tiny bit stuck on a thing or two in Vella's, but not even once in Shay's.
  12. I think mnihil hit on the crux of the issue: the backers were told they were financing a game, and this turned out not to be anywhere near the case.
  13. I haven't seen a lot of angry posts here. I've seen disappointed and concerned ones and lots and lots of extreme overreactions to those posts critical of Double Fine. I think everybody here wants them to succeed, but some of us think that Double Fine should have designed the project in accordance with their budget. If they had only gone somewhat over budget/time, I don't think anyone would have a problem, but the shortfall was tremendous. I backed the project because I wanted an adventure game, nothing more. I sought not to slay any "evil publishers." For the record, the game looks fantastic - I just hope they're able to finish it. If your faith in the company and the project is totally unshaken and you think the way things are going is just fine, it's fine for you to say so, but all the hostility I've seen toward people who are disappointed and critical is unwarranted.
  14. To the person who quoted my statement that I only paid $15: For heaven's sake, really? Are you really going to focus on that? Is how much money you put into the project some kind of gauge for what you're able to say? This isn't about me. I don't feel owed anything. What I do feel is that there's a lot of hype for this, people expect a lot out of this and people have the right to expect a lot out of this. The game looks absolutely gorgeous from what I've seen, but the planning problems being as severe as they are is deeply disappointing and is likely to create problems for the project, the company, and the company's public image.
  15. I'm just gonna go ahead and repost what I posted on Kickstarter. Boy, I hate to say it, but Double Fine really fucked up. Not by making the game bad - it looks great - but by not taking their budget limitations more seriously from the start. Going somewhat over-budget and missing your original release target was surely inevitable, and understandable, but going so far over budget and over time that you'd have to cut the game by three-quarters is nuts. As for releasing the game in parts, I've certainly got no problems with episodic games (I loved the ones Telltale used to make back in 2006-2010); however, if you're really depending on the sales of part one to finance the rest, to me that seems like the result of extremely poor planning - so poor I'd call it unprofessional. It also tells me that there is a small but significant chance we may never see the second half. The only reason I'm not really upset about this is that I was only ever in for $15, so my investment is pretty negligible. I hope it all works out fine, and it might, but this situation never should have come up at all.
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