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  1. One forum member made a HD picture in Maurine's shop using the close up "cinematic" heads of Ben and Maurine on the play models. This is a Genius idea. Small updates during production like a screenshot randomly here and there would be greatly welcomed. The Doublefine adventure development Spoiled us(ME) with all the updates. Its just really fun to see get ideas of whats going on in development. especially if its going to be a Game Ive played and loves my whole life. I dont know all the details on what It would take to do it, But if there are any assets or set pieces that were mostly finished but removed from the game, I would love the surprise of some new content that was originally intended to be in the game If feasible. The motorcycle battling collecting items section I personally dont think needs changing but It could benefit from a polish on the responsiveness when attacking. Keep the Verb COIN in the remaster. Please don't change anything about Mavis Shes wonderful the way she is. Any form of alpha or play testing Id be very excited to help with.
  2. Unfortunately this picture has crushed my hopes for the actual Remaster. I hope It comes close to looking like this or that they at the very least translate face the close ups from the cinematic to the character models.
  3. I still feel the walk to the house would be better suited as a cutscene than having to click on her and have a very rushed conversation.
  4. Maybe something like a voice narrating something about growing up and the idea of the game, then showing credits and at the end fading into the left or right screen? Also as far as easiness and feeling empty, we do all need to remember this game was funded entirely by us and was made on a fairly small budget by today's standards. And it had to be rather "rushed" in order to get it to us and to hopefully fund the rest of the game. If they had more time and money I'm sure it would feel a bit more full.
  5. First off let me say that I love this game so far. Unfortunately I feel it's not really the game I backed if that makes sense. REDS team you have made a GREAT game don't get me wrong! But it being pitched as a classic point n click, I just don't feel it the way I expected to. Now When I played the old adventure games at a young age, one of the things that ALWAYS stood out for me were the Intro cutscenes. I could quote them all word for word without having played half the game. They set the mood and let you know what was happening, kinda easing you into it. The lack of intro in this was very odd feeling. When I clicked on Vella to start, it felt like everything was a bit rushed until I got to the maidens feast. And although it would take away alittle gameplay, I feel like taking the first puzzle and cutting it into a cinematic, or even the minute before you enter the house into a cutscene and having the feast be the opening puzzle would feel better. I don't expect REDs to actually do THAT, but making some kind of introduction would be greatly recieved. Now there's a chance I missed one that was possibly optional before starting the game? It's like the game assumes everybody has already seen the trailers and just want to get the beginning out of the way. This is my opinion on the matter though and this isn't an attack so I really hope nobody comes in yelling at me -.-
  6. I think they are planning to release a boxed copy of the game with the documentary included. Hell, it might just be the documentary with the game included, but either or, you'll probably get both. Well The kickstarter says "special Edition" So Im going to hope theres no difference between that and the wide release. Donating to this game was a big deal for me. I just now think I should have contributed more and recieved a more physical keepsake for something so important to me.
  7. If I could get the special edition box and none of the other stuff that should work. That probably won't even be made till after both parts of the game have been released. I've tried to get a hold of them and they've been very helpful and personal with their replies in the past so we will see.
  8. I Payed for the $30 Tier back when the Kickstarter came to be, But now Im feeling dumb for not donating the 100 for the physical copy boxed edition. Is there any way to upgrade now? has anyone else done the same thing? Thanks!
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