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  1. Well, I like paying for my games - keeps me warm inside to know the developers get their salary, and if the game is great, then let all involved be buried in gold so they'll make me another! I really don't care if the SteamWorks executables are encrypted and bound to my account or that I need to be online. I don't care if the game calls home every minute I play it, because I'm a proud owner. Guess I'm just not paranoid. I have run Steam for many years, and I own 200+ games there - I have _never_ experienced any problems or annoyances. I don't know if it's luck or talent, but I'm pretty sure I'm not as dumb as you claim. I strongly disagree its the worst DRM platform out there. Plenty of rootkits and other CD/DVD check hacks and many other DRM attempts I've come across over the years are far worse, by miles. And in comparison to natural competitors like Origin, Uplay, Battle.net, PSN and Xbox live, I think your claim about "worst" is without foundation. And best of all - I get to play Broken Age - how dumb is that?
  2. Come on guys, you can't be serious on this! We didn't give you more than 3 million dollars to be bound to this DRM-hell of Steam! I am very disappointed in you. Steam is one of the worst golden cages out there in DRM-land and I swore never to install this crap ever again. And now I sit here with my backer-link and cannot even get the game? You must be kidding me. Steam itself is DRM free - Steam _provides_ DRM (the arguably bearable, necessary kind - online authentication/custom executable generation) for publishers/game developers if they so choose - Some games sold on steam installs their own DRM measures, though - I agree that the latter is bad And you have to realize that this release has to have some sort of control - act 2 being partly financed by the steam sale of act 1. And, as they said, a DRM free version will come when act 2 is released.
  3. Congratulations on the act 1 beta release! I just downloaded it - humble bundle steam key activation worked like a charm I'm fighting like a champ now to resist the urge to start it up while at work... Thank you Tim, Broken Age team and Double Fine. Can't wait to start the adventure.
  4. Well, I read from a reliable source that he got fired already... Must be another Chris Remo, then.
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