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  1. Bloodline Editor functionality feedback thread!

    Thanks! First I was trying to do a dragon (by using the elephant head, the flames, the tear drop, and the shield) but that didn't quite work... so I switched to phoenix instead... ;-)
  2. Bloodline Editor functionality feedback thread!

    I think I am going for this:
  3. Sigil Symbol Suggestion Thread

    What I would find also important is sigils inspired by in-game stuff - items, monsters, creatures and buildings - especially those that are unique to the game (like the demons).
  4. Sigil Symbol Suggestion Thread

    I think charges that come from the "structural strengthening" of a shield would be nice - like a nailed border, a boss or an escarbuncle
  5. Hello everyone! I know that you are in general totally free where and when to change between Vella and Shay - but in your opinion what would be good points in the story for the player to change between them in order to get the most out of it? From a storytelling, pacing or plot perspective? Personally, I never changed - I started with Shay and then continued with Vella. But I am still wondering if the experience could have been better if I changed during the story... So... what do you think - where *should* the player change between Shay and Vella?
  6. Are you satsified with the game's controls?

    Both pointers very much appreciated. ;-)
  7. Are you satsified with the game's controls?

    I absolutely loved the story and the graphics and found the puzzles a little too easy but in general OK. HOWEVER, I very much disliked the controls. I play on the PC and not a tablet, so I don't like to be treated as if I were using a tablet. Things I would like to see and that I think would GREATLY improve the game - a "Look at" feature for the right mouse button - a better hover feature for cursor - so I have a clearer indication what will happen when I click somewhere - an inventory at the top or bottom of the screen - or a mouse wheel activated one - no weird dragging of items from the inventory In addition a very minor thing that bothered me: - Please, no indication of tone in the subtitles. I found that really distracting. Or maybe leave the capitalization out for those and use some other graphics cue.