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  1. So long, and thanks for all the eps!
  2. [pentagon image] It seems you are somewhat misinformed about what the hex in hexipal means.. =)
  3. At this rate Tim will have to do a live stream where he flips a comically large coin to decide.. Let's just hope the universe is aware that it needs to be a vertical box!
  4. I voted vertical, I have specific display shelves for my collectors edition items so that you can see the front instead of the spine and it wouldn't really fit in with my other games if it was horizontal..
  5. *SPOILERS* For the last one I figured that, since the helmet was knocked off when he fell, Shay would realize that he didn't need the suit and discard it before getting out.. *SPOILERS*
  6. Did not see any celebrities at first glance, but I did see a marriage proposal.. I hope it went well..
  7. Just noticed the same thing.. happens every time..
  8. The game is downloading right now, and I'm trying to find the words.. I could simply give my thanks to the people who made this happen but with DF, 2PP, the other people they brought in, and the 90000 or so backers there would be a whole lot of thank yous to write out and it probably still wouldn't be enough.. And I now notice that the download has finished so I guess I don't have the time to find the words, if there even are any.. I guess I'll settle for our beloved battlecry.. Adventure games are not dead!
  9. I totally agree with you. I feel like David is going to make a great and very memorable Marek.
  10. Yeah, I'm following Mighty No. 9 with great interest.. Not sure if I can find the money to back this too, but either way it's nice to see that it's going so well for them..
  11. My suggestion for those who won't back because of TenNapel's opinions is that for every dollar they pledge to the project they should donate a dollar to a gay rights movement..
  12. I love The Neverhood, and hearing about Armikrog made my day..
  13. My mind came up with Crossing Clefts, with "crossing" representing both getting across something, and two things intersecting..
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