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  1. Episode 11: Ship It

    aweomse episode guys! really liked the music segment too. great stuff! keep up all the good work and transparency cant wait to dive into broken age next year its really shaping up.
  2. 2PP Documentary ending music

    could also be Lifeformed (dustforce musics). i know that the 2PP guys use his cool chiptunes from time to time. eitherway, check out lifeformed, you will proabably like it
  3. Making youtube videos of prototypes

    yeah i cant wait to check out the cave!
  4. Doodles of DFers During Da Stream!

    oh wow these are all totaly amazing! and they look just like yall
  5. Its hard to choose, the games have come a long way and are all starting to look really nice, i knew i would automaticly like white bitch based off the pitch, but i have to give it to Autonomous. The visual style they have nailed down is looking so good (i love those retro futurist tron vibes) and it seems to have lots of interesting and quirky things to play with. Also seems like the kinda game that has endless possibilities and lots more potential than what they can achieve in the few weeks available.
  6. Daily End-O-Day Black Lake Screenshot!

    haha yeah, i agree. misty and mysterious
  7. Autonomous General Discussion

    hah yeah space stalions. or Dangerseekers just watched episode 5, and i have to say its looking pretty sweet!
  8. The Environment Day 6

    i have to say, the new added lighting is looking so good! really coming along.
  9. The White Birch Audio Thread

    Brian thanks for letting us watch you compose that music on the livestream! it was very cool and i totaly enjoyed watching those pianos and strings u were weaving together. I got those journey vibes
  10. I'm guessing because they're trying to lull you into a false sense of security. Never trust doors that smile or talk. hehe, just like the labyrinth. u just cant trust those doors. also, i love all the art, and especially this guy
  11. Concept Art

    This sounds awesome, and very reminiscent of the flowing feel of journey (and flow haha) also the blues and purples are really nice and i really dig the mystical and mysterious companions.
  12. The White Birch: Voting Discussion Thread

    hey, i thought id chime in and say i really like the sound of this project and think you have an awesome team! Andy you are a really cool guy! inspiring stuff
  13. i was also wondering the same since we been having so much fun at parties with the game, was wondering if there was a secret treasure trove of old photos sumwhere since i remember it being so awesome....
  14. sounds great. im really stoked at the idea of a dual coming of age story set in different worlds with different genders.
  15. wow awesome post, loved how u broke it down like that. i look forward to seeing nathans characters and everything come together. and good work on that zooming into canvas stuff. yay and to whoever posted stinky cheese man, damn i looved that book as a child. def one of my favorites ever!