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  1. The mouse sensitivity thing is a new option? The latest update felt a bit odd with the mouse movement so I went to options and saw the slider there and moved it up. Then my mouse just started jumping everywhere. Found it very hard to turn it back down when my mouse was flipping out Logitech G5 mouse with default Windows 8 driver.
  2. Rather than giving my opinion of how other people will or won't play the game, I'll give you my feedback as to how *I* played the game. I'm not an adventure game fan, so I had no preconceived notion as to what was meant to happen. First thing I did was drag an item from my inventory; easy! It fits with my computer UX knowledge - if I want a file to move from one folder to another I drag it into that folder. Since people are all individuals (I'm not!), you could adopt what most other games are doing these days: the first time you need to use something from your inventory, detect what the user does. Whatever they do is then the default. Make it obvious - if playing Vella, when the sister takes off towards the house, make a key fly out of her pocket that Vella catches and the inventory will ding and flash, then when you get to the door Vella can say something like 'Hmm very mature, locking me out' then make the only available option to use the key. At this point the user is either going to drag the key onto the door, or they're going to click on the key, then click on the door. However you'll need new code, animations and voice so it's probably a bit late to implement something like this. Just my 2 cents
  3. Before you fall down either hole in the clouds you walk over to the tree trunk. When you walk right up to it Vella slides down the trunk to the roots (hinted at by Harm'ny). Once on the roots you walk to your right and talk to Gus who won't let you past to get Jesse's egg until you unhook him. But a lot of players are finding that they're solving the puzzle before they even talk to him. Or the other extreme where you do talk to him but can't figure out how to get him off the tree because the perspective of the holes above are all wrong. But I digress, my list of vocal timing problems are as follows: - All dialogue with Ch't and his dad could start 1/4 to 1/2 second later. They're very mellow with the delivery of their lines, but when they start talking the moment after Vella asks a question it feels a bit rushed. Love their lines though - When you drop a peach on Gus... the whole dialogue sequence and animation need some love. A lot of love.
  4. After talking to the daughter who gives you the ladder, you can't immediately leave the screen to the left. It makes you pause for a minute because you're like 'but I don't want to say 'Hi Birdie!' again' (because the left-most part of the screen is the bird interact hotspot), but you have to click there to get Vella moving so you can then click the next screen arrow.
  5. When talking to Grandpa and Levina says the line "I hope you're not filling that girl's head with nonsense Brommel" she flips on the X axis briefly. If I didn't know any better I'd say you're using trigonometry and it hits 0 or 90 degrees and flips for a split second (like TAN at 90)... I hate it when that happens.
  6. Having to draw something is the epitome of adventuring! I don't think it needs changing
  7. Also with Gus, the lack of timing made it quite hard to listen to.
  8. Just thought I'd mention the great work the DF BA team are doing getting on top of all these issues so quickly. I'm a software dev and seeing the torrent of issues coming in would be kind of depressing/overwhelming. But then I don't make games so maybe the beta periods are always like this? So well done! I had a great time playing the game and I know the finished product will be even better.
  9. That'd be good if the hotspot was fixed, took me forever to get the right pixels to get out of that screen.
  10. I didn't notice the neck thing but I went back and checked and I get it too. Hopefully the fix covers all instances of this bug.
  11. I wouldn't bother with this one unless it has further ramifications in the underlying scene reset code: first breakfast cutscene with Shay - choose a cereal (any cereal) and the bowl drops and gets filled. When the spoon starts talking, bring up inventory, save and exit to menu, then load the same game again. Cutscene will play from the start but this time when you choose a cereal the bowl comes down already filled with cereal. Doesn't happen if you jump to Vella and back.
  12. I played Vella first, then Shay and I thought it was fantastic. I had no idea how the two stories related and at the reveal I was like 'aha! how did I not see that?!' (after wondering why Shay's face didn't explode out of his helmet). Although the coming into focus would be cool, i.e. when Vella gets up, fade in with blur, then slowly reduce blur as she stands up as if she's coming to from unconsciousness...
  13. Impressions first: Great! I was never much of an adventure game fan (thoroughly enjoyed the Myst series though) but this was fun to play through. Cheeky chuckles at Curtis' dialogue, great voice acting, solid UI, no pixel hunting for puzzles, and not too difficult if you investigate each screen (and dialogue trees) before moving to the next. Loved the ending, somehow I didn't see that coming. Playability: being a beta I think there's still some polish to be done and I've noticed the little touch ups as the updates come through (thanks!). With Vella's story the characters snap between their animations with no transitions and it looks quite jarring (especially when talking to Gus - I've mentioned this in another thread). Otherwise the animations look great (love the beard movement on Harm'ny). Some other minor issues I picked up while playing: * Knocking Gus off the branch - to me the perspective is all wrong. I fell through the right-most hole and flew past the egg, which is fine. Then I went down and talked to Gus. I tried using all my inventory items and talking with everyone else to try to figure out how to get him off before falling through the other hole (on advice given by a friend). But I never would have tried this as the perspective between those two holes doesn't feel right. It feels like I should be falling to the left and behind Gus, not into him. * After lowering the ladder into Curtis' house, I grabbed the window piece then went straight back up the ladder. Except it showed the outside of the house with nothing happening, then all of a sudden I was back in the clouds. I'm assuming Vella was meant to climb up the ladder? Also, I feel like there should be a screen at the bottom of the ladder rather than just a door from the mezzanine in the house. * Talk with the Space Weaver for the first time, give him the chart which then transports you to the first location then immediately talk to him again and you get the same "let's go somewhere exciting for a change!" which felt odd since you did just go somewhere exciting. * Before talking to Marek about Prima Doom after waking up the 2nd time, I went to the captains chair and the dialogue tree mentioned "we must go to Prima Doom immediately!" but I don't think I'd heard about it before then... * After going through 2 teleporters and emerging next to the trash chute, Shay's voice is helium'ed, but if you interact with the trash chute his second line isn't helium'ed. * When wandering around the mission rooms during the time when you need to get the boom arms on manual (and inhibit the fusion orb) you can re-run the ice-cream avalanche mission. Drag the airtank onto the crochet friends and their subtitles are missing). And my opinion stuff below * End of Vella - this felt abrupt. I mean there was a fade out but it was like "uh, I guess that was the end of Vella's story". Maybe it would be better if she didn't just flop onto the ground but somehow show an impact and cut to black as if she's instantly been knocked unconcious. That would feel more final. * End of Shay - same as Vella. Fall to the ground, shatter the helmet, surprised intake of breath with eyes squeezed shut in pain and BLACK. * End of Act 1 - the text feels a little tacked on, as well as the "Act 2 Coming Soon!" text. I'd start to roll the credits while the two characters are still on screen as it's a nice shot to finish on. Then the first line of the credits (in the same font size) could say End of Act 1. Then either don't show "Act 2 Coming Soon!" (we know it's two parts - as will the general public when they buy it on steam as it has it plastered all over it) or leave it until the credits are done (or skipped) and then show it in the middle like "Bond will return". That's all from me! Good job and good luck!
  14. I'm running the game at 1920x1080 also. Haven't checked performance in windowed mode.
  15. I get the same, and running a GTX780 GPU - I'm pretty sure it's not that. Unless the game runs on the CPU, which is an AMD Phenom II @ 2.8Ghz. But still. Drag the ladder over Jesse's nest in Meriloft... Here's my DxDiag: http://pastebin.com/8xexyaPy
  16. Yes the fountain and especially the Cloud Shoes backdrop stood out like dogs bollocks. I'm assuming because it's just a zoom of the main scene which is the Meriloft crossroads and there can only be so much resolution. But still, DF really need to sort that out because it's not nice to look at and the press will hammer it in their reviews. Need to implement some kind of background LOD system or mipmapping or something.
  17. Climbing up the ladder to Jesse's nest, Vella is behind the ladder.
  18. It seems throughout playing so far (only played up to the cloud colony) that the animations jump as the characters progress through dialogue and idle animations. The worst so far is when Gus is hanging in the tree and you drop fruit on him. Vella says a line, then Gus says 2 lines which have almost no gap between them, causing Gus to have a hard cut between his animations, meanwhile Vella possibly ends up doing an idle animation like adjusting her necklace which is cut off when she says "sorry I might need it". There's been quite a few times where the timing between lines delivered by characters is way too short or non-existent so it feels like they're talking over themselves.
  19. Hey all! Here's my video, short and sweet, enjoy! (edit) I assume the youtube tags aren't working because I've only had one post.. Or am I doing it wrong?
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