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  1. POLL: Who wants to get into the industry?

    I would love to be a games programmer, but that's looking to be pretty tough for me. My school didn't offer any programming classes (Small town), so right now I'm trying to find some books to at least get an idea of how C++ works and find a college that offers courses in programming or game development close to my town. Kinda sucks that I didn't get a chance to learn this stuff earlier though
  2. What makes a good game?

    What makes something "good" is entirely subjective; everyone has a different opinion on what is and is not good. But personally, I enjoy games that try something different, whether or not it works. 'Amnesia' was great because that sort of slow build, survival horror, insanity mix wasn't done quite like that until it came out. 'Xotic' was good because it melded the high score addictiveness of schmups with an fps seamlessly. 'Psychonauts' was great because it was flippin' hilarious. Creators need to experiment with the medium they are in to make something amazing.
  3. I hope this starts as it means to go on. Seeing the emotion on their faces while it hit a million made me cheer a bit myself I am SO buying the blu ray of this when it comes out!
  4. What'Cha Been Playing?

    Pathologic and the Mass Effects.
  5. Should the game carry a message?

    Every game has some sort of message, explicit or not. The question should be "Should the game have a conservative/liberal/environmental/tolerance/bullying etcetc message."
  6. The Perfect Villian: What Makes One?

    A good villian is someone you love to hate, but don't mind seeing them lose. They need to be an obstacle, without being frustrating to overcome. They need to make you uncomfortable while still remaining entertaining. They need to have an air of mystery without being a complete enigma. It's their motives, not their methods, that make their actions reprehensible (ie. the most evil person I can think of brings suffering while still abiding by the law).
  7. Dear Esther?

    You walk around and look at stuff. It's barely even interactive. But it's pretty.
  8. I highly doubt that this is going to change the industry at large. Even though 3 million is a sizable wad of cash, if every body tried to crowd source funding for their games we would never again see games the size of COD, Mass Effect, Halo, etc. There just aren't enough people willing to fork over cash to unproven IPs. I think publishers may be open to riskier propositions because of this in the future, but a "new world order" just isn't realistic at this point.
  9. While I haven't played the majority of games on the poll, Zack and Wiki would still be my pick if I had. It gets around the worst part of adventure games (the hunting for that one item to do that one thing) by having a limited amount of items, but a wide variety of uses for them. Also, flying monkey.
  10. Random things you'd like to see in the game

    No Memes. That's what I want. No memes. No lie cakes, no arrow in the knee, no nyan cats, no rage faces. What is the internet's, give to the internet. What is for an adventure game, give to an adventure game.