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  1. Costume Quest Crashing [MAC]

    Yeah, I have the same problem. I've uploaded one of the crash logs here, if that's any help.
  2. I came into this thread to say "Hey, Ludum Dare's coming up, you should check that out", but: Heck yes! That would be so very fantastic. I can definitely see there being a decent amount of interest from both people wanting to take part and people wanting to play the games. Can this be a thing now? Because if so, sign me up!
  3. I'm a Linux Zealot

    Hmm. Would it be possibly to launch the beta through Desura as well? I'm not entirely sure (I'm predominantly a Mac user, which they don't support) but it looks like that could cover all bases.
  4. I would like my donation to go entirely into purchasing muffins for the developers. Preferably chocolate chip, blueberry at a stretch.
  5. Dear Esther?

    Dear Esther is stunningly beautiful. It's also stunningly boring. I would dearly love to enjoy this game, but they've moved way too far in the "interactive story" direction. I don't even think that's an appropriate term - you have barely any interaction with the game world. You walk agonizingly slow, you can't run, you can't even jump. There are invisible barriers in some places that stop you from exploring further. Heck, Heavy Rain had more interactivity than Dear Esther (although they're not entirely comparable). On a bit of a tangent, I don't understand why people seem to think people need to play it more than once to "truly appreciate it" or whatever. I played it, and didn't like it. I have a feeling that spending another hour and a bit of my life walking at a top speed of 10 metres per hour around the big, empty world that has ever so slightly altered since last time won't do much to change that opinion. As bitter as I sound above, I don't hate Dear Esther. The story is interesting to a degree, and like I said, it's a beautifully designed world. The concept of an interactive story is one that I'm excited about and hope other developers give it a shot. I just don't think it was executed particularly well in this case.