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  1. It seemed like that to me too. But apparently they are "test reviews". Giving the game to some people that used to be reviewers and let them write a review like they would have written. Or something like that. In order to better anticipate what the likely response is going to be. I found that to be very interesting and another thing I didn't know about "proper" game development but it makes total sense to know as much as possible before going forward. (another reason this documentary series is so great. There's loads of stuff in the series that I just wasn't aware of at all)
  2. I loved the marketing research comments on Psychonauts. I finally got around to watching all of the documentary episodes after finishing the game and I have to admit I'm happy I waited and went in blind on the game itself before actually watching the documentary. Now though I have a bit of a problem. The documentary is so awesome that I want to see the rest as it comes out but I also sort of maybe want to go somewhat blind into act 2 so we'll see how it goes.
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