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  1. Erik Wolpaw left Valve. I really hope this means he is coming fulltime working on Psychonauts 2 at DF and future projects also!
  2. That vinyl album art looks just absolutely amazing. Holy crap.
  3. I tried to play the demo, but it crashes always after the opening video so I gave up.
  4. So always year after release the remastered comes to PS+. Not a problem for me as I'm anyway buying Full Throttle straight on release day for PC and Vita just like I did with GF and DotT. Not really into renting these kind of quality games through PS+.
  5. Thank you!
  6. GOG Connect is an amazing idea though. I'm 100% sure though that Gaben will never do it the other way around that GOG users would get their same games in Steam that they own in GOG.
  7. Maybe next year then. I would guess DF are in crunch mode now to get FT:Remastered out in Jan-March window.
  8. It may have been reported already since this thread is five months old already and I think Spaff kind of mentions it above that the main site is outdated, but is there any update or bug fixing incoming to the doublefine.com pages? It doesn't seem to be possible to login on the front page anymore and same for the comments on the Spaff Action News postings and liking/hearting those news? I love the new forums, this software is really great.
  9. Actually, the only Full Throttle gear that I'm missing at this point is most likely the bandana from the double sized big box edition of the game. Now there's another physical item that would be amazing to get reproduced. Tim's Full Throttle jacket is a completely another story also. It was always such a shame that I think the old Lucasarts store only allowed shipping inside USA? There were so many amazing things there in the 90's that I would've loved to buy (with my dad's credit card).
  10. I'm just afraid that all physical stuff is no go, since I remember reading something that DF only has the digital rights for these remastered Lucasarts games?
  11. Awesome to hear that! I can already say then that I'll be buying the game twice. PC and Vita just like GF and DoTT.
  12. Since the remaster is already quite far in process and literally a few months away from release, my wishes at this point is that DF has an awesome desktop wallpaper for PC in production like with GF and DoTT. I really loved the DoTT mobile wallpapers also. Still use all of those in my devices. How was it by the way, I hope Full Throttle was coming also to PS Vita and not just PS4 and PC? As a Vita and PC owner I demand to have the option to buy the game twice to support DF and Tim like I did with GF and DoTT. Also, dear DF and Tim, is there any chance you guys had the rights to make a Corley Motors official t-shirt? I have one old original, but would love have an official new one.
  13. Well, that tells you a little bit how a big company works with the other parties.
  14. Hah, didn't notice the leg issue.
  15. That isn't a mistake, Ben's pants have "kneepads", that's what it is if you check other pictures of Ben.