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  1. Fig investing - what's going on with that side?

    I didn't see anything in that post that indicates the previous filing did not go through merely that they were amending the filing. Is there anyway for us to actually check the status of these filings?
  2. Backers at Physical Levels! Please Check Your Email!

    Just got my fangamer email. Did anyone actually get an alert about the kickstarter update and does it appear in your activity feed? I got neither, I have to go to the DFA page to read the update for some reason.
  3. Backers at Physical Levels! Please Check Your Email!

    ...that is really strange. I checked my kickstarter emails and activity feed, but and Update 55 does not appear in them at all, but sure enough it is on the DFA page. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/doublefine/double-fine-adventure/posts/1565722 Still no fangamer email though. At what point should we contact DF/fangamer about this?
  4. Backers at Physical Levels! Please Check Your Email!

    I guess the Kickstarter update that Reid is referring to is the one from the end of march, that does mention that you should be hearing from fangamer in the coming weeks. I haven't seen anything from Fangamer yet myself.
  5. Some misconceptions about the campaign I've heard

    Yeah in general you can pretty safely disregard stuff said in Kotaku in Action, that place is a bit of a hot mess.
  6. The goal itself - 89%!!!

    I agree that feels pretty dodgy to me. You do get included in the project updates list once you have reserved your right, which is kind of nice, but investment money that could potentially be completely unviable (if for some reason no SEC approval is obtained) really shouldn't count to the goal, or at least should be visible as less well secured capital.
  7. The goal itself - 89%!!!

    Is Psychonauts 2 open to casual investors yet? I was only able to reserve the right to invest right now due to pending SEC approval, does that then count toward the goal?
  8. The goal itself - 89%!!!

    Looking back at previously projects it seems like the accredited investors tend to spend a fair bit more. The outer wilds had 51K from rewards and 75K from investments for example.
  9. Massive Chalice Tips

    That's not a bad idea, thanks, I tend to kind of forget about the Steam forums. I am travelling at the moment but will look into doing that when I get back.
  10. Massive Chalice Tips

    Hey everyone, I have been making and releasing a couple of Massive Chalice tip videos every week for... a while now and finally the series is complete. It covers some basic strategies, along with description and discussion of every single piece of cadence gear and accessories your heroes can equip. I am pretty pleased with it and you can check it out .
  11. Question about Standards

    Yeah, pretty sure that every trainer basically adds points towards personality traits every day. The traits are then fixed at age 15.
  12. What kind of tips would you like to see.

    For the next series of tip videos I want to do it would be really good if I had more saves for around the middle of the game, I want to go more in depth regarding items and gear, but foolishly didn't keep an archive of saves. If you are interested in sending me a save, please PM me on the boards here. Happy to credit people in the videos themselves.
  13. Pick your classes

    You can kind of achieve this, have balanced start selected, then pick 3 families for your vanguard, 2, 2, 1. Doubling up on a bloodline means siblings and they have to be the same class after all.
  14. Brutal Difficulty

    That is good to know. Also for Geriatric brigade do you need a full vanguard of 60+ heroes? Similarly for 3 bloodlines to survive to the end do they have to be enkeeped or just present in the final vanguard?
  15. Brutal Difficulty

    According to Steam stats... 4.7% of players have reached the final battle 4.0% of players have finished Normal 0.25% of players have finished Hard (the 2 decimal figure is from my steam profile, it is the rarest achievement I have) 0% have finished a Brutal Run 0% have finished an Iron run So either up to 0.049% of the player base has finished Brutal/Iron, or the achievement is bugged. Or both would have expected some Iron Normal games to have finished for example.