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  1. It might be a little too easy, but not ridiculously so. As for everyone complaining about the game length, buy in for this game was 15 dollars, I think that's a pretty darned good deal for a 6-8 hour adventure.
  2. A lot of interesting possibilities. Shay's ship very well could have been Mog Chathra the whole time, but if not maybe the entity on the radar chasing Shay's ship could have been Mog Chathra or a similar entity, and Shay is preventing maiden feasts. As for Marek, could it be Father?, Shay's real Father? Dead Eye God? Also, did anyone else notice that Dead Eye God's dialogue about the villagers from 300 years ago seemed odd? I think we might see Shay traveling and interacting with them first hand in Act 2. What if Shay's ship IS Mog Chathra and the Temple is somehow paradoxically ALSO Mog Chathra? Also that insight on Crochet Hook + Fishing Pole is genius, maybe thats what removes the snake?
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