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  1. One last thought: Maybe make those sidequest episodes a premium content thing. Or slowly release Low quality versions of the docs so the ones who only bought the docs don't feel cheated?
  2. RE: people that say it won't help haters, of course it won't. Thing is? Those creeps are a professional s***stirrers, a vocal, gross tight nit group whose sway is manufactured through making dozens of fake accounts to make it look like there are more of them. There are people, though, that are extremely rational who just don't get the process and will benefit from seeing the doc. I certainly didn't know how tough it was, and man, this series changed my entire perspective. There are way more open minded people with honest concerns than ones that think KS is a scam and will needlessly quotemine and throttle the series. Things like GG are a tiny movement of sad, reactionary people that no one actually worth their salt takes seriously. They will NEVER be the market for this. People who actually LOVE videogames? They are.
  3. ABSOLUTELY release it for free. 1) it would clear the air about the game's production and it is really frustrating that I have to keep referring to a doc not everyone can see. 2) it is a wonderful series that shows the complex realities of game design. It is inspiring to people and I wish I can show the world this. 3) I have had access before everyone else for MONTHS now, AND I backed at the Blu-Ray level. I feel plenty privileged already. :3 Please! I will never stop linking people! This doc made me tear up multiple times and it is just too amazing to not share <3
  4. I really wanted to get around to doing something for the previous trailer like this, but I never got around to it. I hope you like it.
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