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  1. First thing I did was look for the "Open source" thread on the forum This is a comment I posted in the "Update #1" in kickstarter but it seems nobody from Double Fine saw it, so I'm pasting it back here so it gets more attention : For me personally, this is what I would be most interested in. I like this idea of "giving you transparency, see how a real dev team builds a product from scratch and how it evolves".. and I also hate those fake "developer interviews" which are actually marketing campaigns, so I was really excited by this kickstarter promise of 'full transparency" and I do not believe it could happen any other way than by giving access to the source code of the engine, and most importantly, being able to see the commit logs evolve at the same time as the code. It would be a great learning experience for potential developers/backers. As for Creative Commons, I believe that if this is to be a commercial game in the future (if not, then a game exclusive to backers), then the game assets should not be open sourced. There are many open source games that use the model of having a GPL (or LGPL/BSD/MIT/etc..) engine with closed/proprietary assets and I think that it's makes the most sense. Thanks for reading. KaKaRoTo
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