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  1. TL;DR - Release it! I absolutely would support the release of the documentary to the public, on any reasonable (non-anti-consumer) terms, up to and including to the public domain. Here's why: 1) I backed this project to have a game create, along with a documentary on the side. As an incentive to back this project ($15 backer), I was given access to both products that were made. The creation of something was the primary reason for me backing this, and I see no reason to limit who has access to this creation. 2) There was never any promise or expectation that I would be able to have a say in either content of this creation, or the business model DF & 2PP wished to use in getting the creation out to the public (but thanks for asking!). As a backer, I place my trust in these decisions to the creators to make the best creation they can. 3) Around the time I backed this project, and in particular since, I have gotten very interested in video game history in particular, and computing history and its associated cultures in general, and have come to appreciate the value of publicly available content relating to this. The early documentary episodes in particular cover some important times in video game history, and it would be a shame for other to miss out on this. Additionally, just the fact that the development of the game is being filmed as it happens is significant and has been very insightful. 4) The documentary (so far) is just too brilliant to be locked up. The only reasons (for me) not to release the documentary to the public are: 1) I don't think Tim's stated reasons are the best reasons to be doing so, and there is no guarantee that it'll make things any better, or even simply not worse. 2) Those who backed primary for the documentary, or bought separately later, may feel burned by it being released publicly (although I don't fall into this category, I did feel a little like this after 2PP released the Minecraft onto YouTube not very long after I had bought it. Despite being very much pro-"release everything" and dislike current copyright laws and enforcement, it still gave me an odd, mildly unpleasant feeling).
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