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  1. Will there be a version of the documentary without all the blurring when the game is finished?
  2. After the update, the Save/Exit screen seems to work .... better. The buttons now actually do something. Unfortunately, the exit buttons exits the game but still doesn't save. I don't know if the demo is supposed to be unsaveable but if this should be a bug, I feel uncomfortable spending five bucks on a game I can't save
  3. Sounds like it. He said there was only one puzzle unsolved. I guess I can abort the attempt to brute force myself into the ssh account then.
  4. Can you edit this so that you don't have a giant line in a code block? It is really weirding out the page. Sorry, done. Was to lazy to wrap that string so I just amputated it.
  5. I haven't been following the RSA discussion very closely so far because I was still struggling to get this darn password on my Linux box. AFAICS you're searching for an RSA key though. Did you guys try the ssh host key of the same machine? a7:6d:bd:17:05:a9:c0:c5:c5:01:22:62:62:c0:d6:be DSA and d2:3e:11:36:17:fa:27:e4:31:e9:63:1d:92:6c:1c:dc RSA. Dunno if this is any help.
  6. Yeah, don't we all love debugging with a command line only debugger? BTW, running OllyDBG which most people seem to use inside of Wine didn't do any good for me. I finally had to resort to a Windows terminal server I have access to. I hate myself. Oh and Brandon for making this so much harder for non-Windows users.
  7. Damn, you're right. This makes my brute force attempt much less feasible
  8. Wow, that's most helpful. I still didn't catch how you would get that final password i.e. what to put in THE_ANSWER if you don't have access to a Windows debugger. Plus, Brandon's tweets seem to indicate that there are more possible solutions than just the debugger one. I'm currently trying to brute force my way through the possible substrings. There are only 127,008 of them if splitting words in half isn't allowed. If anybody wants to do the same, here's a quick and dirty Python script I came up with: #!/usr/bin/env python all="AND WITH THIS INCANTATION I DO SO ENSORCELL MATTERS [.... rest removed so it won't weird out the page]" words = all.split(' ') for i in range(len(words)): for j in range(len(words)): print ' '.join(words[i:j]) print '\0' It will output the substrings zero-seperatedly so you can pipe the output into xargs -n 1 -0 -P 50 env WINEDEBUG=-all wine crackme.exe where the 50 (parallel executions) is just a guesstimation. I tried a higher number at first but that lead to loads of error messages after a while and 50 is enough to max out my CPU anyway. Apparently wine only uses one core here. BTW, if you pass WINEDEBUG=+all instead of -all and grep for ntdll.strstr, you get loads of substrings from that incantation beast. Didn't get me anywhere so far though.
  9. It installs just fine now, even on an external drive, as long as you also have plenty of internal storage left. Unfortunately the game is very buggy for me. Don't know if this is an Ouya-only issue. I got stuck in the stone right at the first pit just by climbing out of it towards the right so I had to restart. I couldn't do that cleanly though because the game hangs on the exit screen. Then I could play for a while but when I applied the handle to the broken well, the game just crashed. I didn't start over then and given that I can't save anyway that would only be frustrating even if the crash didn't occur every time.
  10. Maybe I misunderstood something but is the problem really the number of overdraws like the heatmap you used suggests or isn't it rather the total texture area a pixel causes to be pulled in? So wouldn't a pixel that needs three huge rectangles be worse for mobile GPUs than one that needs 20 tiny ones?
  11. Well I guess nobody can butcher German typography more than Microsoft did so they'll do all right I guess
  12. Well to be fair, I think Oliver chose the German translation for Americans here. While "Achtung" is still used, it's done much less so than during WW2 and "Vorsicht" is what most people use when issuing warnings (I'd use the Google n-gram search to prove it but "Achtung" also – and in literature probably much more commonly – means "esteem" so that makes that line of research totally useless). And if it's used, it usually sounds much softer than how real-world and Hollywood nazis used to pronounce it. Oh and the sign would probably read "Warnung" anyway BTW.
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