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  1. Oh, so not realizing there was a teleport option did more for my frustration than just having to walk through the landscape for five minutes for every wrong guess.
  2. When I finally got it I felt like it was dumb luck that those patterns were one of the easy ones and I had picked the right assembly instruction because I was lucky and there was zero sense of achievement
  3. Thanks! Figured those things out myself now but I'm a little frustrated that there's really nothing that would lead to to assume them in the first place. I don't know. As I said, some of the descriptions make sense. Others are like "Ok, does this look even remotely like option 1? Nope. 2? Nope. 3? Nope. 4? Nope. .... Great." That's not right-brain thinking, that's guessing. And if then the game changes it's own frickin' rules by changing the way one and the same knot is solved, I feel a bit cheated. No, scratch that. I feel cheated a lot.
  4. Well, at least I found out that there is a dialog option that will teleport you so you don't have to backtrack ... unless you happen to choose the wrong one by accident. Also, the diagrams are written on MI6 paper that destroys itself after reading. Makes complete sense of course. On the downside, the solutions are utterly randomized so even if you get the same knot twice, you still only have a 25% chance for each step. Unless you get a step where the description actually somewhat resembles the diagram. This also explains why Step 1 never looks like the actual knot at hand, even if you have the correct diagram for your knot. These diagrams are what Ikea assembly instructions would look like if Ikea was founded by Satan.
  5. So you have a huge number of knots, four descriptions for knots that don't really match any of the actual knots, some hidden mechanism that determines whether or not you can tell F'ther generic instructions or specific ones which again don't really match any of the steps shown on the diagram and a really long way to backtrack before you can get a new diagram. Am I just missing something obvious here or is this a puzzle-like gameplay entity designed for the sole purpose of driving people mad? The thing that frustrates me the most about this is that there are some knots that would actually be really simple to describe (like the one that looks like a bundle of straw) but those descriptions are not offered. Instead I am supposed to recognize string in the form of an elephant chasing its trunk or a bucket full of fingers or whatever.
  6. You might want to edit that. It's 4.5/5, not out of 10.
  7. I haven't worked with the tool in question but it has to handle different installation paths, platforms, and maybe even different versions of the software or at the very least it has to checksum the binaries before patching them and rejecting any action if any of the files don't match. If it does all that in a user-friendly way, then indeed I don't see a good reason not to have used it.
  8. Now, Oliver probably knows a lot better than me, so take this with a grain of salt. I have no idea why they can't just bundle an rdelta (or xdelta) payload with the standard software used for those. (Create one of the original and updated install directories.) The programs are GPL, so very easy to get a hold of. I've used that myself with fairly nooby customers. Define "fairly nooby." Was that thousands of people whom you can't support personally and who have a "I paid for this, I want to click on something and have it work" attitude? Because I'm pretty sure that's what you're dealing with here.
  9. I've been trying to watch this episode for the whole day now and I haven't gotten past the 12 minute mark. The Vimeo is not strong in me today. If only Youtube sucked only half as much, then I could blame my internet connection. Anybody else having similar problems?
  10. There were several things I took as hints but the "I missed the day of the layoffs and couldn't even say goodbye thing" was what sounded the most definitive to me.
  11. Yeah, point is it doesn't only seem cold to me, it also seems illegal. But that's of course just the moral and legal framework I grew up with. Here in Germany after 10 years of work at a company, they can't fire you earlier than four months down the line. It's so strange because in some things the US seem so similar to Europe while in other things their culture couldn't be more foreign. Thanks for that explanation anyway, I couldn't quite believe what the video made me think happened.
  12. Wait, let me get this straight. In the US, you work 10 years in a company and the next day you're gone? You get no notice period, not even finish your month, you can just pack your things and leave?
  13. Not that I'll want to play Broken Age in German but shouldn't Shay be voiced by Timmo Niesner, given that he is the actor who dubs Elijah Wood in movies?
  14. Sorry for the overshare everyone! I had confused two tabs
  15. Hi, sorry for taking so long to respond. Are you still looking for people to interview? If so, as someone who just finished his PhD myself, I'd of course be happy if I can help you out with yours! I'm located in Germany so time zones could be easier but I think it's still manageable. Just let me know if you're still interested and I can send you my Skype user name or whatever way of communication you prefer. Good luck with your PhD either way, Christian
  16. Right, I think with Kickstarter a balance has to be struck. Of course you gotta value your backers and be fair and forthcoming to them. On the other hand, I always found people very disagreeable who have that kind of "I paid you 15 bucks, now I own your asses!" attitude.
  17. SPOILERS! Even she actually believing to be his mom would be kinda big news, so I was like "Ooh, big reveal right there! Nicely handled, too!" Therefore, I'd qualify your "no spoilers" promise at least somewhat.
  18. SPOILERS! I don't know, the way Overmother speaks about "my son" sounds awfully believable. We officially don't even know yet that she is an actual human (even though this had been accidentally revealed in a documentary episode) so the fact that she actually is Shay's mom would be quite the reveal.
  19. Curtis knocks it out of the park again He needs a spin-off game!
  20. So the game is finished but we’ll have to wait ages until we can actually play it? Is this a punishm^Wconsequence of what happened after the Act 1 backer launch?
  21. Edit: Accidentally replied in the wrong forum.
  22. I can understand your point of view here but I hope you also realize that deleting these comments will make people even more pissed off, right?
  23. I would disagree. If there was a well-made critical point and they were to delete it, of course that would be their right but it would be other people's right to think badly of them for doing so. But maybe we should wait for such a thing to happen before debating the ethics of it
  24. Typical: totally agree. Impossible to find gems even among Youtube comments: blatant lie
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