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  1. This was a bad, over-generalizing contribution to the Internet. I don't think it should be deleted though
  2. I think he's a sheep in wolf's clothing.
  3. "Discussion about puzzle issue from 2 Player Production Episode 17" While this might be an issue for you and it might also puzzle you and it is admittedly about Episode 17, it is still off-topic.
  4. Wow, may I remind you that the Kickstarter was in March 2012? And you expected the kind of game we got to be made in seven months? I don't even ... I mean ... WHAT?!
  5. I thought exactly the same thing! Writing is hard, folks..... You might like to think you can sit for hours and hours and just crank it out, but that just doesn't happen 100% of the time. You mean "100% of the time that doesn't happen", right? Anyway, I finished my thesis a couple of months ago so I'm way ahead of you, Tim ... But I definitely can relate.
  6. Ok, these seem to be dire times for customers who don't do early access. If you want to judge a game when it's finished, you might cause it never to get finished in the first place. At least with Kickstarter you only have to pay if there's all the money the developers think they need to finish the game. Things might still go down the drain but at least there's a valid plan from day 1. With early access it's more like "please buy our early prototype and if you're lucky, other people will make the same wager and then you'll actually get a game for what you payed." To me, the only way such an investment would make sense is if I get a portion of what the game finally makes. You risk money and then you either win or you lose. Risking money and then either losing or not losing sounds like a really unattractive business proposition.
  7. What a tiny detail. I'm sure Dwarf Fortress would be just as much fun if it wasn't multilevel.
  8. Since I payed for AF2014, I should have full forum access. However, I just wanted to look something up in the old Project 行 thread and I can't find it anymore. Google can, but I get a permission denied when I try to access it: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/13022/ Did I miss something obvious here? Or is this a particularly weird form of historical revisionism?
  9. Would still be cool if there was a legal way to get the actual Grim Fandango.
  10. Well, it's actually pretty rare that any of the Android bundle apks work on the Ouya. At least without using the touch area on the controller which for most games equals "unplayable". Don't get me wrong. I understand why you're upset and I'm upset, too. I did say Double Fine were being dicks for not fixing this. But the "good faith" thing is crucial. You couldn't rely on the game working on the Ouya so you can't hold them accountable. From a business point of view it pays to be a dick if it doesn't affect enough people to seriously harm your reputation. That's what I meant when I said I understand their decision. Not that I approve of it. Just that they're a company and companies inherently suck. It's the law.
  11. Not if the experience with the Cave bundle was anything to go by. The apk did work on the Ouya with controller support but the game registered as "not bought" so you could as well just have downloaded the trial version. And since this seems to be intended behaviour, I very much doubt that you will get a Double Fine console apk from a Humble Bundle.
  12. Let's be honest. The words 'needs' and 'important' are probably not applicable when talking about any form of entertainment. While I agree with your assessment of these issues as a first-world problem, there's quite good evidence that actually entertainment is a basic human need. In one really enlightening study that I'm unfortunately unable to find at the moment, I read that even the "one dollar a day" demographic (whose mere existence is a fuсking disgrace for our species BTW, as if we couldn't afford a better life for these people) spend about half of their money on entertainment of some form or another and the other half on food. So yeah, by that standard entertainment is even more basic a human need than shelter or clothing (well ok, depending on where you live I guess). Again, that doesn't mean that I expect to find Broken Age be added to the universal declaration of human rights any time soon but it's a reminder that humans aren't meant to merely survive and reproduce but rather to live. We all need the occasional small luxury and everybody who says that welfare is too high if it allows people to go to the movies every now and then needs to shut up and become a human being.
  13. Same here but I guess from their perspective it's "So there are a couple of guys who already paid for our game and were hoping they could play it on a platform that was never mentioned and now we have the choice to either be the nice guys and invest some work to let them play it for free or we just do nothing and let them pay us again. Huh." It's perfectly understandable why they would go the dick route here but I just wish they'd been more honest about it and told us "sorry pals, not gonna happen" instead of giving some spurious argumentation that makes no sense whatsoever and then ignore our mails. That's really not cool.
  14. Yeah, my DF documentary cravings are getting really strong again. BTW, you guys know that you have to find some way to come up with an Act 3, right? How would you continue these documentaries otherwise?
  15. Will do but I've only got a confusing reply so far that claims that the Humble Bundle apk is different from the Ouya store version and doesn't fully support controller input. My experience is pretty much the opposite in that controllers work fine but the Ouya API is too much taken into account. I did write them something along those lines but haven't heard back yet.
  16. Thanks stomp9 for pointing out that while the sideloaded app does work and does include controller support, it also thinks it is the trial version and will ask you to buy the full game that you already own after the monster Any chance this behavior can be fixed, Double Fine? (And yes, I will follow my own advice and write an e-mail )
  17. I have the same problem. Please fix or tell how to solve it! If I were you guys, I'd write an email instead of relying on DF staff to find these posts.
  18. I take everything back. If you sideload the Humble Bundle version to your Ouya, it runs just fine, including controller support. Great job, Double Fine!
  19. Too bad the Ouya version is not included Edit: It actually is, see below. Edit 2: Actually, it actually isn't.
  20. Let's hope chapter 2 will help It's a little too late by then! We need Act 1 sales to be big so Act 2 can be bigger and even better. If the tablet release also takes place only after Act 2, why then does the money get beamed back in time for the tablet sales but not the PC sales?
  21. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, there were. I admit I have a tendency to want to cut out as much dead air as possible when there's a lot of ground to cover, but it can backfire and make it feel a bit too choppy. I'll try and walk it back towards flowing more smoothly even if it means letting some natural breaks in speech hang there. Might be a matter of taste. I didn't even notice it to be honest.
  22. This thread hasn't yet attracted everyone on my ignore list. Keep it up, I know they'll all be here eventually.
  23. Yep, Ouya. But that's been planned from the beginning so it's not news.
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