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    I'm still trying to figure out whether picking Dvořák's "From the New World" for the title screen is ingenious (since your game actually comes from the new world) or just a incongruous (since it goes against the whole Soviet theme you've got going on). Huh.
  2. Soylent Dreams was by far the funniest in game. Like, BY FAR! But the design itself is kinda bland so I don't think it would be an ideal shirt. It's not that funny out of context either.
  3. DF said in another thread that they dumbed that part down a lot since the early playtesting shown in the documentary. Well, they didn't use the words "dumbed down" but something like "went through many iterations" IIRC but well, it seems the effect was a simplification. I recall that this remark in particular lead to a lot of hate towards the process of playtesting or at least playtesting with people whose lives don't revolve around adventure games. Now that I've insulted both sides of this debate in an attempt to appear Swiss, let me just say that the discussion is much too heated at this point to be productive in any way (even if suejak wasn't participating in it; no, I don't count, I will shut up after this). And while a hard mode seems like a perfect compromise, I have no idea how expensive such a thing would be so I can't comment on that either (and neither can you). Have fun!
  4. You mean the one where we'll see the rocket coming out of the roof in Act 2?
  5. What Could Go Wrong, Project Xing and Eras of Adventure. What!? Those are only 1-2 ... with a bit of noise!
  6. mudd1

    Similar Games

    It's probably obvious but for the sake of completeness, here are two screenshots of Democracy 3 that has a very different interface but can probably inspire the simulation part.
  7. mudd1

    Day 2

    Wooh, alien killer horse of death. Fancy!
  8. Holy ....! Good catch. It's Episode 11: Ship It at 19:57 And because I'm a bastard, I'll attach the cropped screenshot. It's not legible as a preview though. You'll have to click on it to spoil yourself I don't really know why 2PP blurred part of the image though.
  9. I don't know how these things are calculated but targeting x sold copies doesn't make much sense if the price doesn't matter, does it? I don't know if their target figure meant full-priced copies or if there is some standard factor but either way, just saying "don't worry, if we drop the price enough, we'll hit our target" is not a way to get DF to be independent
  10. Patience, I'm de best Player man, only patience "We’re also still working through the final pieces necessary to be able to deliver documentary downloads and start selling the doc again. That should all hit shortly after Amnesia Fortnight as well." from https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/doublefine/double-fine-adventure/posts/746289
  11. We pretty much totally agree here. I find "unfair" a strange category in this context but well. I personally find the kind of DRM Bluray employs offending, as I find always-on DRM in games offending or Sony's rootkit. I would wish that more people were offended by this so it would stop but do I think it should be outlawed? No, I don't. Ok well, I actually think the rootkit thing should be outlawed but that was rather extreme. Moral categories like "wrong" or "right" are not helping the discussion I think. BTW, I also don't think circumventing DRM should be illegal, as long as you do it to experience a product you legally bought. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. As stupid as it sounds, in some countries it's actually illegal to watch a DVD on Linux. Actually it is very similiar, DRM makes it so you need certain hardware and or software to use the product, VHS tapes and TV content makes it so you need to buy certain hardware and or software to use the product, bottom line, let your wallet do the talking. Well, I think this is a bit discussing semantics here but a TV or some other kind of screen is obviously a technical necessity to watch movies. So I don't think it's a good comparison. It's not like having to buy "a TV to watch movies", it's more like having to buy a special TV to watch a certain movie. If this is just a quantitative difference to you then I won't give you any argument, even though I think of it as a qualitative difference. Perceptions differ. No, of course it shouldn't be allowed. I'm open to alternative compensation systems but as things are now, it is of course illegal. I think one can disagree with some of the obscene sums with which people were charged in the US and other countries and the amount of political influence the content industry has but that's a discussion for another day. I think it's very silly of them to try and as I said in the other thread, the amount of DRM the industry deems reasonable differs a lot between media. Even audio books and music differ a lot here, despite both being audio files. Ebooks, movies, games, mobile apps, they all have different approaches but I think no industry goes to such length to try to protect their content as the movie industry does. The amount of strings they had to pull to get their encryption chain tight is insane. And it still doesn't work. So you'd rather have no blu-rays and all digital content with codecs that are so highly sophisticated and encrypted they are similiar to bitcoins, basically cannot be decrypted. You think that would be better? I never said that but the fact of the matter is that that's basically what we have with Bluray actually. The fundamental problem the movie industry faces though is that they have to give you the encrypted content and the decryption key because otherwise you wouldn't be able to watch the movie. So all they can do is to make it very hard for you to get to the decryption key. Did you know that your Bluray player could stop playing all new movies tomorrow, because someone on the other side of the world got to the decryption key in his player which happened to be from the same run as yours? Every new Bluray comes with an updated blacklist of keys that became invalid. Nono, you really can't say they didn't try. But ultimately it's an impossible problem and the harder they try, the harder they screw their legitimate customers. That's the fundamental dilemma with DRM and that's why I think it's actually in the best interest of the content industry not to try in the first place.
  12. Ok, today's longer pitch made Mnemonic sound pretty cool.
  13. mudd1

    Similar Games

    What did NOT work: cyan and magenta.
  14. Gοddammit why can't I remove posts that went into the wrong window?
  15. Do you run bluraysucks.com? No, I guess there must be at least two of us. Yes, if you allow me to quote myself from http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/11575/P100/#314448 Because ever since the Sony rootkit I haven't seen such a blatant attempt to bend me over and violate my bottom like Blu-ray did. Really, movie industry, you can blacklist my player, you run a fully featured virtual machine in my home network that can do firmware updates at will without me noticing? If I don't want your hardware players I can try my software player but only if I comply with your choice of operating system? Are you fuсking kidding me? Who the fuсk do these guys think they are to tell me what OS I have to run on my HTPC and whether or not I can use an open-source player? But actually, what pisses me off the most is the ability that even DVDs had, telling me where I can skip, when I can go to the menu etc. and abusing that to shove unskippable anti-piracy ads down my throat that make me wish I had just fuсking downloaded the thing in the first place instead of paying someone for my indoctrination and boredom. The only reason it was ok on DVD was because the copy protection was so weak that it practically didn't exist. Every time I put an old DVD in an actual player instead of my XBMC HTPC that is kind enough to take the "don't skip" flag as an indication to not even autoplay the track in the first place, I regret it because one of those dreadful spots starts playing and I'm pressing buttons at random, hoping that one of them isn't blocked. That's not all, but it should be reason enough to understand why I don't feel like "Hey, movie industry! You treat me like I'm a piece of shіt? Why don't you let me appreciate that by giving you all my money and supporting your new standard that you try shoving down my throat?" Don't forget, music lovers actually managed to fight back DRM. Movie people are idiots and because of it the next 4K standard will be even worse if anything. I don't think there is a single movie that you can't download as a BD rip. So what exactly are they doing all that to their customers for (plus the things most people will actually notice like immense wait times for no other reason than that the stupid player is doing some system verification check in the background and software players that will pop up an update window every single time they are started)? Oh sorry if I got a little agitated there but that "how could you" of yours kinda ticked me off No How many movies do you know of that can't be downloaded illegally because of the copy protection Bluray imposes on those who actually pay for the movies? Aren't you in full strawman territory now? Nobody is forcing me to buy DRM, no. But then again, nobody can expect me to buy a product and then find out whether it uses DRM or not. Yes.
  16. I mean yeah, of course it felt negative. I was in a negative mood No seriously though, no hard feelings. It was indeed interesting to see how different people's preferences were. I mean there were obviously some pitches that were more popular than others but even in the first round I think there was no thread that didn't have at least one "this is my favorite pitch!" comment
  17. (emphasis mine)] I won't comment on all your rephrasing but I really want to say that this half-quote was probably the most unfair since you make it look as if I said "I won't ever change my mind anyway" when in fact I never said or meant that. Anyway, for the record, as I had hoped after sleeping over it I do see things a bit more positively and there's a lot of merit in what you said about Double Fine. Thanks again to everyone who tried to cheer me up yesterday.
  18. Will the Bluray be using the usual DRM? Because if it doesn't, it wouldn't be affected by my Bluray boycott.
  19. I might be wrong here but I think it was discussed in one of the 2012 episodes that the nature of the Amnesia Fortnight changed when it became public just because the expectations changed as to how complete a game should be the end result. Before that, a technical prototype or proof of concept was fine. Now people expect something they can play and enjoy. I'm not judging this either way, I'm just saying that's how it is.
  20. It's going to be neigh impossible to avoid them. Stop horsing around with those nightmarish puns! You really misunderstood the intent of this thread.
  21. Sorry to ruin the party guys but you are all hereby reassigned to work on What Could Go Wrong 2: Community Edition. Will you all please follow me to the new github and .... what do you mean, "not in charge here"? I will not tolerate such insubordination! Besides, you all agreed to it: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/13136/#329195
  22. There's yet another corner of the Internet I'm glad I didn't even know about ...
  23. Sure. I still think a preferential voting system would have done a better job at maximising overall happiness than this two ballot system could have hoped to achieve. And even if the result would have been exactly the same, it would at least have meant that it's really what people want and not some fluke of the system and the available choices. That's not to say that there weren't a lot of people who really, really wanted Steed and Mnemonic. That much was clear even before the results were announced just from following the forum.
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